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The infamous OMGWTFKKWBBQ, a yearly event where KKW regulars from all over the globe descend on London, and get absolutely hammered on the cheapest booze they can lay their hands on.

Each year the attendance goes up... and each year it looks less and less like there is ever going to be an actual barbecue. The first BBQ was a select group, mainly the Londoners down the pub. The second; more of an OMGWTFKKWGRILL, seeing as Barrington neglected to realise September was not the best month for trying to buy charcoal. The third, a much better turnout than previous years, was a trip to Acliff's choice of pizzeria.


OMGWTFKKWBBQ - The Beginnings

From simple beginnings, great things spawn.


Acliff Duckula Veejyburger Hazzle Apoggy

OMGWTFKKWBBQ2 - The Midnight Grill

The DLR never knew what hit it, as six of us descended on Barrington's pad for a night of drunken revelry. You know its a good weekend when Duckula is lying unconscious on the floor with pieces of Baz's broken furniture stacked upon him like some sort of crude funeral pyre. That and force feeding poor Kelsey some obscure blue liquid we found in Bazzle's fridge, could have been Windolene for all we knew (turns out it was Archers, Bacardi and Aftershock), but we made her drink it anyway.

Slowly but surely, after the event images and videos began popping up on the forums giving insight into the night including the now famous 'Dancing Admin's' short. Eventually a full gallery was constructed to the delight of forum regulars, and the weekend went down in KKW history.

The group even did their part for the evolution of the English language with the invention of the word 'Knobquacious'.


OMGWTFKKWBBQ3 - The Global Phenomenon

The third BBQ was a fantastic weekend, and for the first time we had more International support than just little ol' Kelsey, in the form of the ever-so gorgeous Peach, and the Macaulay Culkin lookalike Foeni. Unfortunatly however, Barrington was in the process of moving house, so once again plans for an actuall barbecue fell by the wayside, and we settled for a night on the town instead.

The venue finally selected was The Cricketers, fittingly located in the heart of Keira's homeland of Teddington. After a few pints, we descended on the pizzeria for some very nice Italian cuisine, wine, tequila, and anything else Cliff managed to acquire by flirting with the waitress. Once again the evening went down the road of forcing Kelsey to drink large quantities of alcohol despite numerous protests. This was followed by a bar crawl around London because apparently Foeni wasn't drunk enough... This involved Hazzle being confused for a terrorist multiple times, all due to a silver briefcase he was carrying - it's a miracle we weren't shot. Once the night was upon us, the pubs and bars were closed and we had no where else to go, Bazzle, Frank and Fo resorted to drinking store bought wine in a childs playground, while Cliff tried to impress Peach by repeatidly roundhouse kicking Digital_Ice.



Who knows whats in store for next year, plans and rumours are flying around, there is even talk of 3 separate BBQs:

  • OMGWTFKKWBBQ4 - The standard london get together
  • OMGWTFKKWSouthampton - a chance for the Brits to get hammered on the south coast


  • OMGWTFKKWDenmark - A mass descention on Foeni's homestead... what will his mother say?
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