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Please read this page carefully!
It contains important information on keeping this Wiki neat and tidy.



Welcome to the Keira Knightley Wavefront Wiki. We hope this Wiki will turn into a valuable asset for the KKW Community. This page contains tips, tricks, suggestions, and a couple of rules.

Have fun, but be serious

If you've edited Wikipedia, don't worry. KKWiki won't be as stuffy and rule-ridden as that. You can have some fun here, but remember, we're trying to build a usable resource for the community. An article on the Ask Duckula! is just fine. Going around to every page and posting "lol!" is not.

Use the Talk pages

At the top of each article (or template, or image) is a "discussion" link. This'll take you to a Talk page for the article you're in. It's a good spot to discuss potentially controversial stuff you plan on doing, ask questions, etc.

Look at what others have done

No need to reinvent the wheel, right? Chances are, when you start editing, there are already some pages similar to what you want to wind up with. Use them to your advantage! Want to know how someone did that spiffy infobox? Click the "edit" link at the top of the page and look at the code. Hell, copy it wholesale.

This is a good way to learn Wikiformatting, too. Using proper bulleted and numbered lists, Wikilinks, section headers, etc. will go a long way to making the KKWiki easily readable.

You can figure out what categories to apply to your articles this way, too. You're free to invent your own if you've ideas on how to improve the organization around here, of course!


Chances are someone is going to be an ass and disrupt the Wiki. You can always reverse their changes - unless they're an administrator, they can't actually delete anything from the site permanently. If someone gets way out of hand, we're able to ban them if it comes to that.

That said, do try and resolve disputes in a polite, happy way. Think of how you'd act on the KKW Forums. Pretend Liam is breathing down your neck, if that helps. Fighting over an article? Take a step back, discuss it in the Talk page, and maybe ask some others to come give their opinions on the matter. We're all here to improve the Wiki, right?


Most of all, enjoy your time on the Wiki. This can be a fun project for all of us - no more "hey, who the hell was <so and so>?"

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