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Keira Knightley Multimedia Resources or KKMR was a website created in 2003 by Titooy and was essentially a vast Keira Knightley gallery - the largest in existence at the time by a substantial margin. KKMR was acquired by Keira Knightley Wavefront in 2004 when Titooy ported the entire collection to a Coppermine-driven system on the KKW server. Titooy continued to work on the KKMR-KKW hybrid for over a year before leaving to seek fame and fortune elsewhere. KKMR still forms the backbone of KKW's galleries to this day and it is largely due to this acquisition that KKW became successful.

The KKMR banner was on all incarnations of KKW from 2004 onwards and still has a small icon at the footer of KKW Dream7.


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