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...better than poking a pie. least, it was. Now a shell of its former self, the KKW IRC channel is the place to vent your frustration at the world. Just beware of the penguins.

more blah....

Connecting to the Channel

If you don't have an IRC client, you will first need to get one; beg, borrow, steal... or simply download a free one... we're not fussy here. A list of the main contenders follows.

Once you have configured your software, you have two options; Clicky here - This should ask you to confirm your connection and dump you in the chat. Boink. or failing that, you can manually configure your client with the following settings;

  • Server:
  • Port(s): 6667
  • Group: #kww
  • Nickname: Whatever your little heart fancies, but your forum login probably makes the most sense, and it aids understanding.

Things to Know

a.k.a. Who not to annoy.

The hierarchy of IRC is simple to understand, the "rank" is determined by the symbol next to your name.

  • ~ - God. Plain and simple. Channel Operator, currently Digital_Ice
  • & - Protected ChanOps - blah
  • @ - ChanOps - blah
  • % - HalfOp - blah
  • + - The Magic Hat - When an Op gets bored, you may receive this. With current channel settings it means nothing, so see it as a badge of honour, a way of distinguishing you from your peers. or just ignore it... whatever floats your boat.


mIRC is widely believed to be the most popular IRC client on Windows based systems. Made a whole lot better by the addon nnScript.

Other popular clients include ChatZilla, the plugin for Mozilla, and Opera's built-in client.

More IM similar clients like Miranda IM or Trillian, provide a familiar interface, as well as the added benefit of being able to control not only IRC, but MSN, ICQ, AIM, YIM and almost any other IM facility you can think of, all in one place.

oh for gods sake someone reword this and fix my grammar. and spelling more to the point....

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