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The poor web designer that Bazzle relies on to keep his website running, without whom the entire site would collapse. Single handedly backed up and restored KKW, and was the main player in the big ServerSeed migration. Probably the most important member of KKW, truly a God among men. Oh and also, has a large willy.

<Mandy> Digital Ice = sex on legs

Although she was heavily medicated and under the influence at the time of said quote, she still meant it.

Will not be recieving OMGWTFKKWBBQMANDYSEX any time in the future. (DAMNIT)

.... OK just kidding. (SCORE!!)

Can't spell for shit.

Trades sex for web design. (must be attractive, brunette, female.....have a vagina...well no, he's not that specific)

Wishes Mandy was a slut.

Likes to slap, apparently.


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