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hi keira ^_^;
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Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley
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hi david.
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true love

hi. im writing this to myself. i just wanted me to know im happy. the rest is history. if you don't understand what i mean... you'll have to ask me, it's a really long story, it involves love, life, dreams, the creator of the universe, the english royal family, my parents...and hallucinating. i'm just a thinker (and a perfect girl) that's in love with you. i want to marry you david. i want you to do everything we said we would, everything we couldn't do until your birthday, everything worthwhile and everything right. we'll never be the same. it takes a lot to do a lot, and well love gives us the power to do that. so. i can't lie. neither can you. im wishing we could speed up time so that we could be mine. love rhymes with love, and david rhymes with keira all of thats true because you are you and i am me to. we fly with our feat, its called dancing to the beat, we gave each other wings so we're perfectly elite. i wanna impress you like you impress me d. k, we. i am just keira knightley. your just david, the future king of the universe and world and england and israel. all i really need is you, but im happy you gave me our fortune. what are we but a fortune? in love! im your girl and your my boy. by you. this stories true, ill write all day if i have to. 2. the. stuff. breathe, love not luff. your eyes blaze (we'll dance with our eyes...[ill dance with your eyes-david][i'll dance with your eyes-keira]) we'll show each other perfection, success, and eternity together with perfect children and a perfect family . everything i've been through up until now has been for us to be together. simpy put, life is good. i can't wait for your birthday so that i'm not invisible to you anymore. and i love doing everything i possibly can for you, especially breathing. i also think its cool that we both program stuff and like programming. soon you'll know everything about. a message from the future: you love me. [yeah i do-david] i want to show you my art too, it's completely inspired by yours. one last thing, our life is that art
---- keira
your turn to say something to me
i demand you in my life and to be my future wife. life up until now is a mystery in a very mysterious way, but i know that once i get to touch you i'll feel better.
----- david

what are we but a fortune?!!?!
but such a fortunate but
lets dance in our heads forever love.
a story not boring
so deliver good sir
yes yes love not a blur
a man and a woman created just for were
this concept this peace this fortune they meet
two star solo lovers forever elite
together the peak
everything fake only english to speak
tidy neat clean speaks really see
a dream but to sanity its something more
the past is certainly the past
and the present is a ridicolous gift
the future is a perfect place, thanks
and time is ours you shining star we
your wings work like mine
when enoughs enough
i wanna feel that rush
a dream a crush
a reality and stuff
the poetry of romance and life time of such
decisions decisions such a power to have
to decide to give to live to be able to enjoy a bath
to, to, to.
true true true
you you you
dude, your so cool that i dream of you
keira knightley i mean it, you
sometimes i don't have a clue
but when its come to you i certainly do
your a muse that i chose to address
ever bliss the best a kiss yes we're doing well
id like to put my lips wherever you want them just to caress you with my flesh
really d really k
really me really say
good world show me your same
but to you i do give you this name
you two were us two its cool that thats fame
trees treasure natural and rain
learned mind frame consistint riffs
gymnastics grips automobile lifts
oh how ill scream this wish
eyesight i see like this
come quick thats speed thats light such a visual lets time this kiss

ill burn a hole through the sun if i have to just to keep you warm in new ways
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Kite-Eating Tree
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My brain is on fire. Or maybe it's my pants. I can't decide.
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Thanks god, someone replied in this thread.
So funny
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That was beautiful...
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Old 27-04-2014, 05:29 PM   #7
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oh, I meant that for the art section! if a mod can move it?

well. I noticed you guys liked it =p

what do you think keira?
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