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Originally Posted by Hazzle
I grew up a Thatcherite child...and I grew up with an immense admiration for her and her don't think me unwilling to be radical in reforms...just think going the FULL hog of privatisation in the NHS is probably something even Thatcher herself wouldn't have done. It's different privatising utlities (and that has panned out well, and I totally agree with it)...look at how poor Railtrack privatisation worked? Where health and safety are concerned, we have to be a little more cautious in reform.
To reform the system in such a way as mentioned earlier is not necessarily to privatise the system. In practice, even though I talk of grand reform and radicalism, it's simply changing how it's paid for and getting rid of a few bureaucrats in the process (probably a win-win situation in both cases). I can see (obviously!) that you're not a socialist who clings to Clement Attlee's days and all that. I agree with you that privatising utilities is different to privatising services such as healthcare. But it's not as though what I suggested would be privatisation. All it really does is send power from the top down to the bottom up.
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Originally Posted by MarkOB
But the NHS is so overstretched. I realise that some of the scare stories about the state of our hospitals are a bit overdone, but we still have longer waiting times, fewer doctors per thousand, fewer nurses, and a poorer deal of everything that the developed countries we are supposed to be partners with, many of whom actually have fewer resources than we do.
The problems are exaggerated for political use. My mum had to weight a tolerably short time for a recent varicose vein operation. Which is hardly life threatening. I'm sure you know that statistics can be used to make a point, but can be warped to enhance it.

From my family's experience, we've had good service. We've been to private health care too, for various different things, and although it is better, the NHS should be supported more, and shouldn't be made out to be the downfall of our society. Considering that most countries don't have a national health service, and if you're poor, you're essentially fucked. This is the case in Korea.
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I'm the first to accept that some of the scare stories are exaggerated and hyped up. But the fact remains that the NHS is poorly structured. We are still in a situation where it's not the doctor and the hospital manager which takes decisions, but the bureaucrat and the politician. The fact remains also that we have fewer doctors per thousand and fewer nurses per thousand than most of our rich friends.

I worry that in our public services we look for the lowest common denominator. We look for a low standard of achievement and then when we reach that we don't try to progress any further.
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