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Hello, I need your help! It's about Keira's bag

Hello everyone !

My name's Sassy, I'm french and a newbie here.

I really like Keira a lot, and always go to see her movies. I particularly love her very british accent, her (very) good looks and she seems really down to earth and nice...

I found this forum by chance, and you all seem to be really kind and cool here. I'm glad I have found it!

But I really have to ask you to help me. I've got a friend who is completely infatuated with Keira, and I bought her for her birthday a bag similar to Keira's.

I also decided to print a huge picture of Keira holding the bag, so that she can see it's pretty much the same as her's. I found a pic where Keira's holding it, but I need more pictures, and I can't find them... Could you please help me with it and find for me really good quality pics where I can see Keira and the bag together ? I know you must be way better than me when it comes to Keira and finding pictures, so... ;-)

Here's the pic I found :


Thank you so so so much... !

Keira rules... ! :-)
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http://keira.fanfilled.com would most likely have the types of pics you're looking for....
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Old 16-01-2007, 09:17 AM   #3
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Thank you so much KingDumbass! [Funny name, by the way :d]

I think I will find what I'm looking for... Thx once again !
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