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Victor was usually fairly calm, not prone to violence out of anger. Although there was that one time; a couple days after the [Independent] Militia took Gainesville, he told me to join him for a little drive. I didn’t know where we were going; after several minutes- obviously traffic was light- we pulled up to this nice house- not quite a mansion- and he jumped out, ran to the front door and knocked. Seconds later, one of the prettiest, in that cute sort of way, women I’ve ever seen opened the door and they spoke for a couple minutes- I was still in the car- and then they hugged and Victor headed back to the car. I could tell he loved her; not in that way, but he cared about her.

When he was inside, I said to him, “Man, she was beautiful.” Almost instantly, a scowl crossed his face and he elbowed me right in the sternum (my ribs hurt for a couple days) and he almost yelled, “Don’t even think about it! She’s too good for you; she’s too good for any of us! You understand me?” My ribs throbbing, I was barely able to nod.

-Patrick Bradenton

July 1st

The first casualty of the Shogun’s Jihad Against Sexuality would be 31-year-old Ryan Ames of Miami, FL. His crime was owning one of the more lewd of South Beach nightclubs, the Purple Flamingo, especially known for its open arms to homosexuals, although it certainly catered to the heteros as well. Every night, men and women came into drink and pick up a one-nighter, usually starting the gropes and feels while still in the club. Drinks were served by attractive scantily-clad waitresses. Two-thirds of the time, the chosen band who played up from used enough profanity to cause a sailor to blush. All in all, it was the perfect target for CMA.

At around 11 PM, two white Chevy Suburbans pulled up to the grotesquely morbid entrance, a pair of doors under spread flamingo’s legs (a strange phallic object drooped between the legs and acted as a divider between the doors). Six men piled out of each SUV, their stark-white uniforms glinting in the neon lights of the entrance. Each person had the Star-and-Cross insignia on both shoulders and carried standard-issue Beretta 92FS in hip holsters. They were armed, dangerous and ready.

The leader of the raid, Major Yakov Stein, a member of the ultra-orthodox Haredi sect of Judaism, let his palm rest on the grip of his semi-automatic pistol as he strode up the steps, ignoring the bouncer and shoved the open entry doors. His squad followed in a vee formation. The bouncer, noting the guns and stern looks, backed into his small niche and pushed the panic button which activated an alarm in the owner’s office. The Purple Flamingo had been robbed before and Mr. Ames was taking no chances. Without further thought, he grabbed his .357 Magnum out his desk drawer and hustled out of his office; this would be his last mistake.

It was one of Stein’s men who noticed Ames approaching with a weapon. “GUN!” was yelled and suddenly every pistol was out and several shots were fired. The huge revolver fell from Ames’ hand as he clutched at his blood-soaked chest and fell backwards into the recently dancing crowd. 9mm rounds have a nasty habit entering and exiting their human targets and the bullet fired at Ryan Ames were no exception.

Several club patrons behind him were wounded and blood-curdling screams echoed throughout the darkened club. People, angry snarls on their face, approached Stein’s squad. Unsure of what to do and more than a little panicked at the turn of events, the 12 men of CMA responded out of fear. More shots were fired and more screams were heard.

Stein, at the top of his lungs, screamed, “EVERYONE FREEZE! WE’RE THE POLICE!” and punctuated himself with several shots fired into the air. Although a few patrons continued their approach (and were shot down), the majority stopped in mid-movement and either raised their hands or dropped to their knees; however, because of the poor visibility in the club, several more shots rang out before Stein ordered, “HOLD YOUR FIRE!”

Yakov Stein rubbed his hand across his forehead and sighed, looking at the gruesome scene before him. Bodies were strewn across the floor, blood pouring out of them. Intermingled were the cooperative ones, fearful for their lives. This had gone terribly wrong, unarmed men and women were dead, shot down by his men. The Haredi Jew shook his head and looked back at the CMA squad; his years in the Yeshiva had not prepared him for this.

His squadmates merely glanced around, perhaps inspecting their handiwork. By far, Yakov, at the age of 30 was the oldest man in the group. The rest were all in their twenties, many of them a product of an ultra-orthodox upbringing, be they Jewish, Catholic or Baptist or anything else.

“Holy shit men, we really fucked up here…”


“WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED OUT THERE!?” the Shogun screamed at Wiseman as he slammed the report from Stein onto the desk.

“Well, sir, you said you wanted to stamp out immorality. There are 22 less sinners to deal with,” the DPESIRS replied with slight laughter, more out of nervousness than anything else.

Sparrow clenched his fists, trying to regain control over his temper, “I’m glad you think this is humorous, because I’m fairly sure neither the press, the international community nor our own damned people are going to be laughing with you…”

“Yes sir.”
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Victor Sparrow was absolutely right. The next day, it was all over the press about the ‘Gunfight at the Purple Flamingo’ and, thanks to the Internet and high-tech telecommunications, the incident was topping headlines all across the globe. The BBC, SkyNews, ITAR-TASS and even Vatican Radio were commenting on the violent actions of CMA.

Perhaps the worst international response was that of NHK, the Japanese national broadcast corporation. It was a well-known fact that the Japanese were no fan of the UAF, especially with the Shogun ordering an increase of troops in the Federation’s, nee United States of America’s, military bases in Yokohama and Okinawa. Although there have been troops stationed in Japan since the end of World War Two, with the end of the Cold War almost two decades ago, the United States had begun downsizing its forces in the region. Now, the Shogun, perhaps out of paranoia or because he just didn’t like them, had deployed the Tokugawa Armored Division, plus three of his Samurai Divisions, to Yokohama, and the Meiji Airborne Division and five Samurai Divisions to Okinawa. This did not include the naval or air units also sent to ‘protect’ UAF bases in Japanese territory.

Therefore, it was with open arms that the Japanese government had welcomed exiled US President Gutierrez, who had been ousted quite violently by Sparrow and had an extreme bone to pick. Now, just a day after the Purple Flamingo incident, NHK, being state-run, decided to conduct an interview with the former President.

As is standard with most governments, the UAF has people on staff whose sole job is to monitor the foreign media. Major broadcasters, including NHK, had a person who watched them constantly. Therefore, almost immediately after the broadcast interview began, a phone was ringing in the office of the Shogun’s Chief of Staff, telling him to turn on the NHK feed (which they got via satellite). Minutes later, the Shogun himself was watching Japanese state television. Luckily, since Gutierrez did not speak Japanese, the interview was conducted in English and Sparrow did not need a translator.

He caught the tail end of Gutierrez’s answer, “…I certainly believe Sparrow is dangerous. As the Flamingo incident, he is more than willing to resort to violence.”

The interviewer was nodding slightly, “What, if anything, should be done about Mr. Sparrow’s government?”

“Well, I don’t think we can do anything, but the American people will rise up against him. They will not stand for his dictatorship. The only we can do is provide all the support possible.”

“If you have not heard, Mr. President, the Diet is considering a bill to declare the Sparrow regime illegitimate and order him to remove his troops from Nippon territory. What is your opinion on that?”

“I would fully support it. I know the Treaty of San Francisco stipulates that we handle Japanese defense, but I firmly believe the JSDF is able to protect the Home Islands and having the UAF defend Japan is like letting the fox guard the henhouse.”

That was all the Shogun needed to hear as he angrily shut off his office television and looked at his Chief of Staff, “Those dirty motherfuckers! How dare they!? WHO THE FUCK DO THEY THINK THEY’RE DEALING WITH!? FUCK! FUCK!”

Sparrow stood up, picking up a glass paperweight and pitching it at the wall, shattering on impact and sending shards everywhere; his Chief of Staff covered his eyes to avoid any glass.

Several seconds passed, the Shogun stomping around the room, cursing and shouting crude imprecations against the Japanese people and their government. Finally, he took a deep breath and looked back to his Chief of Staff, who was quite startled by Sparrow’s temper and tenacity, “I’m sorry about…I shouldn’t have…I shouldn’t have lost my cool like that, but listen, get our Ambassador to Japan on the phone…quickly.”

The Chief of Staff nodded, taking his leave of the Shogun and using his cell-phone to contact the White House Signals Office (which also handled communication for Blair House).
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Well it was more interesting and right to the point this time. I think Sparrow sounded like he was 12-years-old though. I would imagine that a powerful independet militia leader wouldn't just yell "fuck" and stomp around the room.

The technology seems to be working a bit too well in this story though. Isn't everyone in this story supposed to be between the ages of like 13-35 or something. I might be imagining this as too post apocalyptic. It seems like a mob has taken over a normal country to now. Not a disease killed everything and a militia took power.

To me this seems like it should be graphic novel or something. I might just be saying this because i read a lot of comics.
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Well it was more interesting and right to the point this time. I think Sparrow sounded like he was 12-years-old though. I would imagine that a powerful independet militia leader wouldn't just yell "fuck" and stomp around the room.
Well, remember he is only 21 and also, he is very pissed. If you read the pre-chapter clip, you'll see he has a violent temper although as Bradenton puts it, Sparrow usually keeps it under control.

What the Japanese did could bring down the Sparrow regime. Remember that Japan was one of the few nations pretty much unaffected by the Avian Flu. This makes them a world power now. To have a world power refuse to recognize that Sparrow is the legitimate leader of his country could cause the people the overthrow him.

The technology seems to be working a bit too well in this story though. Isn't everyone in this story supposed to be between the ages of like 13-35 or something. I might be imagining this as too post apocalyptic. It seems like a mob has taken over a normal country to now. Not a disease killed everything and a militia took power.
Remember, infrastructure would remain after the disease had passed (it only kills humans, it does not destroy stuff). Also, his militia is now a government (remember the IM was disbanded after Sparrow took over).

Anyway, thanks for the comments and I'll try to apply them as I continue forward in the story.
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