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I bet Halloween is going to look a lot like the end of the movie...

I was thinking of some Halloween ideas because I want to go all out this year, and I realized that the Guy Fawkes masks are going to be like the Scream masks when that movie first came out.
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At the same time, unlike scream masks, wouldn't it be awesome if an entire party consisted of Guy Fawkes' masks? It'd be like V for Vendetta: The Sequel. Very cool :icon_bigg
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Rob The BLack Douglas
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FOr me the biggest problem is V starts out as an anarchist in the beginning of the movie and then by the end becomes some kind of freedom fighter. Completely changing the anarchist vs fascist point of the story. That is why I have difficulty buying parts of the movie. The story was changed to the point that it doesn't quit fit right.

Despite its flaws V For Vendetta was enjoyable, much better than many of the movies that have been released lately.
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