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Old 04-01-2005, 10:24 PM   Attended an OMGWTFKKWBBQ! Officer #21
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I love high school, I'm actually sad to be leaving. My freshman year started out well, until I switched schools again and again. At my third highschool (the one I am at now), I wasn't really expecting to stay very long, so I screwed around as much as possible. My chemistry teacher hated me (the feelings were mutual) and kicked me out of his class every single day, pretty much. If he said he saw a movie over the weekend and it sucked, I would argue my little heart out (mostly because he was wrong).
One day, I was talking while he was, throwing stuff, blah blah blah, and he was like, "Miss F-, do I need to call your mother?" Seeing my opportunity, I shot back, "Well, if you find her, could you let me know? We really miss her at home." He never messed with me again.

Sophomore year, I finally figured out that I would be there for awhile, so really started to get serious about school. I retook chemistry and all that good stuff. My geometry teacher was the coolest person. I became friends with her after the class, and we still hang out and stuff. She was the hardest teacher I have had so far, but her class was so fun. We would get off topic all the time, and end up talking about the Amazing Race or stories about when she lived in London. She also had the best KKK story! I'll tell it one time on here when I feel like typing it out. It's probably the funniest thing I've ever heard.

There are a lot of memories from junior year, but not necessarily good ones. I had a cool boyfriend; that was pretty much the highlight. English teacher and I would just talk about Alias a lot.

So far, senior year has been cool. My pre-cal teacher is awesome. Last term, I had two classes with my friend who's a teacher, so I looked forward to that class. And I'm starting my senior project this term, but all the memorable stuff happens later in the year at prom, and sober grad, and Disneyland and stuff.
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I'm still glad to be in high school. In 9th grade, I had the best English teacher. He was a like a stand-up comedian basically. He cracked jokes everyday and was the only teacher (so far) to take his class on two field trips a year. We had the easiest tests and at the end of the year, he let us watch all sorts of movies.
We were like family. I still remember every single person in that class and exactly where they sat.
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Originally Posted by Kelsey
I'm starting my senior project this term, but all the memorable stuff happens later in the year at prom, and sober grad, and Disneyland and stuff.
You're a senior? For some reason I thought you were in college. Anywho, do you know when you're going Disneyland? The reason I ask is because I think that's where my senior class will be going. Wouldn't it be cool if both of our classes went the same day? But I doubt that would happen. Shame really.

Now what was I... oh that's right, high school life. I'm too tired right now.
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Boy, I wish our class went to Disneyland for graduation...maby the closest University is our best guess...Oh well, I'm going to Disneyworld in Flordia for Xmas so HA!
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Originally Posted by Kelsey
She also had the best KKK story! I'll tell it one time on here when I feel like typing it out. It's probably the funniest thing I've ever heard.

a funny story about the KKK?????
well now you have to tell it
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there's a tradition at my school on the last day for all those graduating called senior prank day. i did bunch of crazy shit. i was famous at my school for doing that type of crap. i'm laughing as i write this. me and a couple buddies jammed all the restroom doors so no one could go to the johnny unless that kicked the door down. i took a picture of the baseball coach pissin behind a tree and tapped it on the main office's door. man, everyone got a kick out of that. i also squeezed a bunch of grease and bathroom cleaner down a hallway and it looked all slimy and white. people thought someone was jacking off in the hallway. one girl even slipped in it. (not a pretty sight) i also let out a bunch of rats and bugs from the biology lab. everybody got to go home early because the the exterminator had to spray poison everywhere. man, the good times.
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i dont feel like writing out stories but i'll start with one in 8th grade

my teacher (homeroom..basically writing and history) was this really old lady and her face looked like a scrotum and she had to be easily 70 years old. well in 8th grade we had to take spanish class by the art teacher and the art teacher would come to our homeroom and our teacher would leave. The art teacher was really stupid and didn't notice a lot going on, plus she was paralyzed on her right side...damn it was funny watching her go up the stairs. anyways since she didn't notice anything we used this to our advantage. when i went to australia during the summer i bought some condoms and i found one at home so i filled it up with soap and put it on the outside door handle for my teacher to find...then the door opened and it was the principle. her face was so funny (she looked like a scrotum too...and she was a bitch) and she threw it in the me being the resourceful one took it out of the trash and put it on my teachers desk. my teacher came in and found it on her desk and screamed then she threw it away and washed her hands for literally 10 minutes. everyone was laughing at her and she was pissed and started turning red...then she asked who did it and everyone said the art teacher...she knew it wasnt but no one would say it was me :P
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Last year, a few of the juniors clogged all the toilets, and flushed them. And flush them again. And flushed them again.

Needless to say, the lower part of the school got flooded.
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We would drink in the parking lot during lunch. 5th, 6th and 7th periods pretty much flew by.
BTW...on another prank thread I mentioned tearing open a bean bag chair and blowing the little styrofoam balls all over someone's dorm room. Well, yesterday, when I was dropping my daughter off with the ex, I noticed a giant plastic bag of them in her trunk. Apparently, they sell these little jewels of annoyance at Toys-r-Us to refill bean bag chairs with.
I was tempted to punch a hole in the bag, but I want to continue seeing my daughter, so I didn't.
"Purgatory's kind of like the in-betweeny one. You weren't really shit, but you weren't all that great either. Like Tottenham."
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during yr12 - a girl in my grade and the deputy principal absolutely hated each other, so on april fool's day she walked into del galo's office crying and naturally del galo had to be concerned so she asked what was wrong. so the girl says that she was trying to park her car but she hit another one in the parking lot, then she went on to describe del galo's car. at this point del galo is seriously concerned and says "it's alright, let's go out and inspect the damage" so half-way through the office corridor the girl runs away and screams "april fool's day!" she became a hero after that day since the only person who liked her out of the entire school (students and staff included) was the principal.

muck-up day (graduation day) we put vasoline on all the hand rails and door handles. we nuggeted juniors' bags (taking everything out, turn the bag inside out, put everything back in) there was a year7 girl who managed to piss off our grade just in the last week of school, so two of our grade took her bag, nuggetted it and covered it with shaving cream.

and when i was a junior one of the year12 classes took all the furniture from a class room and set it up in the quadrangle.

things done to my school:
one of the private boys' schools from around the area broke into our gym on the weekend and pushed the piano out into the middle of the quadrangle. they also spraypainted large penises all over the school. the monday after the weekend also just happened to be the prefect inductions which meant that quite a few parents were visiting the school.

mr jones (the better dep. principal) had a year12 physics class. they snuck into the boys' school's common room and drew large penises all over it. mr jones got a fax from the boys' school's principal saying that a group of parents had been brought around the school that day. mr jones gave a huge lecture to his students and had them apologise to the boys' school only to find out that the fax had been a counter-prank.

in year 7 my maths teacher was taking off her jumper but she took her shirt off too. 1 minute later the year advisor introduced a new girl to the class and everyone just burst out laughing and the girl had no idea why.

in year 9 we had a substitute teacher who was late so we went into the classroom opposite to ours and pretended to be working independently. the substitute looked into the empty room, looked across at us and then left.

randomly during the middle of a class we heard mr jones say over the PA system "could the PE staff please turn off the speaker comm in their office, they're broadcasting to all the other staffrooms". apparently the PE staff had been bitching about other faculty members.
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