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Old 07-11-2004, 11:50 PM   Attended an OMGWTFKKWBBQ! Moderator #1
llama llama duck
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Lightbulb Observations of a moderator

I have been on these forums from august 1st 2003.
In the 15 months that I have been part of this community, I've seen community spirit grow, destroyed, friendships forged, friendships broken.
I've seen forum politics at work, seen prejudice against newer members, seen illusions of grandeur at work amongst he KKW veterans.
So all in all, a pretty eclectic mix of components, all exploding from a virtually unknown forum dedicated to a then fairly unknown actress. How things have changed eh?

In the beginning, there was community spirit. First it was people banded together for their love and admiration of an actress who seemed like our little secret (in the flow of prose, I'm using the word 'our' to promote community spirit, even though this preceeded my arrival). Then she became hugely famous. From what I recall, everyone had fun. Bustling forums, interesting characters, humour, light hearted banter, less people taking things far too seriously. There was the occasional headcase, but the rest of us laughed at them afterwards.

Fast forward to now. Sometime between the last paragraph and this one, there was a massive server change, loss of forum database, members lost in the ether, and a couple of shiny new website revisions.
More important than that however, is from what I can see, a great deal of the friendly atmosphere was lost in this phase. With forum veterans thinking they own the place (there is only one person who does) without any merit whatsoever, taking it out on the new members, instead of welcoming them, like a decent community should, every post they type, including 3 word spam to be considered as gospel, and the rest.
And all this pointless bickering. Bickering is fine, but when people don't show the mental ability and integrity to back up what they say with a discussion or a finely crafted riposte, then it just gets plain irritating.
Then there is the growing group of people who are there just to irritate, and incite unrest. You know who you are.

I took a bit of a sojourn from kkw in the last couple of weeks, partially to see whether it was partly my fault why it is currently full of shit, and my departure would cure it, partially due to being busy with uni, and for various other equally valid reasons. Disappointment when I come back to find that its actually worse than it was before.

Before we descend further into a spiralling decline into despair under the shadow of its former glory, what can we do to make the forum better? Bear in mind this is a 'discussion'. Anyone can reply and be considered. If you post shit, then I will treat you accordingly.
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Old 08-11-2004, 12:12 AM   Senior Registered Member #2
InSpire Me
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No more anti-country threads. Whether they're meant as humor or not, they're being taken as insulting.
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Old 08-11-2004, 12:43 AM   #3
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We seem to get huge increases in members when movies are released, so hopefully next year we should see more new faces of die-hard kk fans. From what I can see, we are getting many hundreds of thousands of hits to the gallery and it's pictures, but not so many people coming to the forum. If we could get 1% of those people to become a member and participate, things here would change overnight.
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Old 08-11-2004, 12:46 AM   Senior Registered Member #4
Westie Yobbo
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Less locks. If people want to go off topic, and the person who made the thread dosnt care, and is willing to let the conversation go, then leave it for discussion.

Less posts from Duckula, all his posts are pointless and most are full of abuse.
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Old 08-11-2004, 12:53 AM   Officer #5
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Correct grammar. It's so sexy. It's underestimated, but so necessary.
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Old 08-11-2004, 01:18 AM   #6
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agree with mags, i do. and sorry if i've done anything to help kkw spiral miserably out of control.

just as spire suggested less anti-country threads, i'd suggest having less threads relating to US politics. i think the reason the board went downhill recently was because of the hype surrounding the US elections. it's caused kkwers to have an unhealthy fixation on america.
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Old 08-11-2004, 01:40 AM   Officer #7
Stock Boy
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The oldest cliche in the book, but it rings true.

Get to know each other better:
-Private Message people you've never met; Start a friendly conversation. It won't hurt.
-Or go even further and get a hold of their screename and Instant Message them.
-And last but not least, go on IRC. It's a friendly place...most of the time.

There's too much patriotism floating around on both sides of the Atlantic. KKW is supposed to be a community, not a battlefront. Less ignorance and ego, and more openmindedness. Please?
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Old 08-11-2004, 03:29 AM   Attended an OMGWTFKKWBBQ! KKWiki Contributer Senior Registered Member #8
Sponsored Cunt
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Meh...I do all that stuff to deflate arguments, contrary to popular belief...even Fox and Nearoka who've been the butt of two of my "feuds" have both gotten PMs or IMs to diffuse things and show there's no personal malice, just the spirit of banter and debate.

But clearly one of the moderator team has decided, unilaterally, that I am unwelcome. To be honest, I've done nothing to pretend I'm better than anyone else...some facts:

I ASKED to come back, and ASKED that it was put to ALL of the officers. Despite the fact I was never formally banned except on my OWN request...which means I shouldn't HAVE to go through the routine. Not only this, but I asked to banned at the time due to an issue with some members, but specifically, one, and ironically at a time when that one member should be sticking by his friend, he's not only decided not to, but decided, contrary to his desire NOT to argue and fight and berate me, and hence his decision, quite mature I thought, to cut off all communications, to not only fight with me, but to do so snidely and hiding behind his position as a moderator. It really is a shame to see him take such a balls-less route.

Secondly. I turned down ANY position of authority, officership OR the newswriter position that I EARNT and never did anything wrong in...in fact, despite your issue with one of my news posts, I never had a complaint from Andy, Liam or Barrington...if they had had an issue, I would have duly changed my efforts into something they thought more productive. Y'see the reason for me wanting to do the newswriting is I feel I write well, and it might've been MY way to give BACK. I actually ASKED to come back as a "mere" member, as one of the crowd, because that's all I see myself as. My feigned "superiority" has always been part of a larger gag...and everyone's always gotten it. That's why it's never been taken to be personal, and also why if it does, I make an effort to ensure things are smooth...contrary to popular belief I AM a nice guy.

Thirdly, I have never sought to inflame the patriotism threads as they needed chilling. I have sought to keep the politics threads heated, but only so long as it fuelled discussion, not bitching. The patriotism threads irk me, because humour is taken the wrong way. Oh, and look who started them...Barrington...the one guy who DOES own the place...and Duckula...a respected mod and former chief mod. You'll note I never did.

Finally...I've decided since this issue is so difficult to resolve, and since I am so clearly the cause of so many issues on the forums...I will take my leave. You see unlike you Cliff, when I threaten to leave, I at least follow through...for a few months at least. It's a shame you lacked the balls to do so...but if one of us had to be grown up about it...I'm glad it's me...I am the elder of us two...and I actually DO understand what friendship is about...it's a shame you don't. I was willing to give you time to cool down, because when you're not being a fucktard, you're actually one of the nicest guys I know...and in a weird sorta way I still care for you a great deal as a friend (ahh fuck it...I love you dude). I'm terribly hurt and disappointed you don't feel the same way...and to be honest I'm sick of this cos it brings out the worst in me.

So...goodbye again...heh...this is becoming a habit. And no, I'm pretty sure this time I won't be coming back...because I was actually asked by a LOT of people to come back this time...and when I finally gave in I clearly made a hideous mistake as it's been one fuck up after another...but never say never, eh? I said that last time...and look at me now My email and IM details are around somewhere...for those of you who give a shit...Vive La Wavefront (cos I actually want this place to be fun and successful like it used to be).

EDIT: Decided to check my PMs and I was also curious to know how this was taken...I expected it to be taken the wrong way, but such is life. My reason for posting here was because my suggestion for the betterment of KKW is Hazzle leaving. It may well be me being self-pitying (I do that a lot apparently...who knew?!) but I actually put it down to me doing a lot of the acts Cliff described, just with an entirely different psyche or intention. I never said I didn't do anything wrong, merely that my intentions were entirely different, and misunderstood. That may well be my fault for not communicating them clearly...I'm not attributing blame, surprisingly enough. I just wanted people to be clear on why I left. I had a personal reason for leaving too (I happen to value a friend above a mere website, even if that website was the vehicle by which I met them, and we just seem to be rubbing each other up the wrong way these days so it's simply not worth it), but the thing that finally made my mind up was I felt KKW was better off without my presence. Perhaps my style of posting was more suitable to the old forums, and as Cliff rightly pointed out, some people are unfamiliar with them and wouldn't per se understand little nuances that relate back. If it's merely causing antagonism here, I don't wish to be part of that. I had hoped (based on the comments of others, and my own inflated sense of self) that my presence would be a benefit, but evidence has shown otherwise.

For that I apologise...and hope that my proper intention can now be understood. Thank you, and good luck for the future of KKW. I wish you all, all the best.
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Old 08-11-2004, 04:05 AM   First Class Member KKWiki Contributer Administrator #9
Honourary Brit
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*Sigh* ^^^ Bad example.

/me huggles KKW. <---good example.
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Old 08-11-2004, 04:37 AM   Senior Registered Member #10
Senior Member
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Nice Mandy, Nice

I agree with the IRC thing. When IRC was in it's heyday so was KKW. I'm not saying they're related, but uhh... they're related.
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Old 08-11-2004, 04:46 AM   Senior Registered Member #11
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too much nazi modding, imo.
locking threads all over the place, yelling at people for getting off topic.
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Old 08-11-2004, 06:21 AM   Lifetme Service Award Officer #12
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How about we all take things a tad less seriously, and realise this is an internet forum where we're supposed to have fun. Stop caring about what people you've never met and probably never will meet think of you. Realise that this whole subworld that is KKW is only that.
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Old 08-11-2004, 07:26 AM   Attended an OMGWTFKKWBBQ! Moderator #13
llama llama duck
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Contrary to popular belief, you'll find that very few threads are locked nowadays. Even ones where people shout abuse at each other, mainly to see what happens.

I assume Nazi modding comments are partially aimed at me, and for those I have been harsh against, I stand by my decision that they whole heartedly deserve it.
I've locked 1 thread in the last 3-4 weeks? Yes, trigger happy mod cliff, I'm going crazy with my power.

And for Haz: You're right. I am a petulant child. I throw temper tantrums, and throw food everywhere. And when I left KKW, which was once, I returned because I was asked if I wanted to mod, as there was supposedly a KKW turnaround, and some part of me felt that I have an obligation as a long standing member to help the website how I can, and help it grow. I felt that I owed the website that much, for the uncountable hours that I've dedicated to it. What can I say, my principles are terrible, and I should have stuck to my guns, and never come back, just to prove a point. Much like you in a way...
Let me reiterate, you're completely right, and have never done anything wrong. Especially nothing recently which made me lose a great deal of respect for you as a friend and as a person, in which case that would be a huge slight on me personally, because I am heartless, cruel, and ignorant.
I don't know why, but the fact that you have to tell people and assure them that you're a nice person, and don't try and cause trouble 'contrary to popular belief', and constantly assure us (and yourself) that you are right, and lots of people wanted you back that really strikes a chord with me.
You know, friend, I really like you too, but it will take a substantial amount of time for the immature, ball-less, self righteous, disappointing side of me to stop hating your fucking guts.

To dispel all the love in the air, I'll get back on point.
IRC is a good idea, although I probably won't partake myself, because I almost failed my uni year due to it. We need more helping people with avatars, group projects (like the yearbook), helping people with their programming coursework , and the attitude that everyone is welcome. Back to the days when new members were something to be celebrated, instead of people thinking 'yet another fuckwit lamb to the slaughter' and I know that a fair few of us are guilty of that.

Secondly veterans (IRC regulars, old timers, trivia champs et all) need to sort out their superiority complexes. Remember your roots, and the fact that in these newer forums, alot of you look arrogant due to the fact that there is no evidence or participation to cement your respect and adoration. Respect is earned, and if most of the people haven't seen that, then naturally they're going to be critical.

Thats all for now, any more ideas, discussion?
Leave a message...
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Old 08-11-2004, 08:55 AM   First Class Member Attended an OMGWTFKKWBBQ! Moderator #14
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IRC is a great way to get to know each other...
A good way to make this forum better (it's already good, no doubt about that) is to respect everyone equally. Take NearokA for instance. Everytime he makes a thread, quite a lot, includig severel officers/mods start picking on him... And spam. You might not like NearokA or his post, but you then, how about stop replying? It's mostly spam anyhow, which according to the rules: http://www.kkwavefront.org/forums/sh...30&postcount=1
is not allowed. Also your post have to add something to the 'healthy' discussion. Most of the post doesn't.... Just my humble opinion..
Danish Liberal Youth.
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Old 08-11-2004, 10:55 AM   Attended an OMGWTFKKWBBQ! Moderator #15
Nobler in the mind.
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I agree with Narg.
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Old 08-11-2004, 11:12 AM   Lifetme Service Award Attended an OMGWTFKKWBBQ! Retired Administrator #16
Mmm Marmite
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Just a quick point. How do people intend the moderating staff to do less, as it stands everybody has been given free reign and look where that got us.

In my opinion a bit of order would do the world of good. It would also be nice if the officers and mods gained a little respect form members, not that I'm saying they should get it undeservedly, because as I see it members don't give two shits if they are 'told off' or a thread gets locked. Ive sen numerous lock instances where a new thread bitching has been posted.

Its just not cricket
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KKW Sex Therapist
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Cya Hazzle (don't cut my hand off). Yep IRC is the place to be. I mean out of the kkw friends I've got, most I've made off IRC not the forums. Try making friends when everyone's screeching at each other. Though screechin on irc is the same... except you can put ignores on people.
Originally Posted by Ardnax
Don't listen to Jet, he's mean to everybody.

8th KK posse member
Playing now on Winamp
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Originally Posted by acliff
Contrary to popular belief, you'll find that very few threads are locked nowadays. Even ones where people shout abuse at each other, mainly to see what happens.

I assume Nazi modding comments are partially aimed at me, and for those I have been harsh against, I stand by my decision that they whole heartedly deserve it.
It was aimed at no one person. And if it was, it wouldn't have been you.
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Mmm Marmite
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Well if you do have a problem with a mod/admin including me PM me, baz or liam and the problem can be sorted, we are a close nit group but I for one am not afraid to voice my personal opinion on this delicate situation.
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Old 08-11-2004, 08:20 PM   Senior Registered Member #20
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Don't all good things have to come to an end at some point or another? I think the problem with this forum compared to the older one is that this forum has had different members join, which means different results..........
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