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Who? What? When? Eh? :icon_err:

Ryan or Immortal? I didn't provoke Ryan (came as quite a surprise) and I hardly think pointing out the bump was provocation but fair enough, apologies for doing so.
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My dream date would be with orlando bloom after all he is fit sexy good looking good pesonalitylovely hair what ever style he has got it long shot none lol he is just perfect in every way.
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Ah, if now, Keira could hack unix and do TCP/IP. I'm sure I'll get along well with her. Hacking unix and doing TCP/IP through the night under warm fuzzy binary blankets from under the glow of the orange lava lamps! Perhaps, throw in some Cisco routers and switches for good measure! That'll be some dream date!

On a lighter note, I was just kidding on that
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dinner, movie-with keira
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