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If you were diagnosed with a terminal illness...?

and felt you hadn't lived a meaningful enough life, what would you do to give your life meaning?

A local community event to raise money for a young girl dying of the same disease that killed her mother got me thinking, and I would like to hear your thoughts.
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As someone who is still in high school I feel like I have not lived a meaningful life. Though as to what I would do if I was diagnosed with a terminal illness I have no clue. It throws everything important to me in perspective as none of it is worth remembering me by, and my accomplishments are a long list of cock-up at exactly the worst momment. So I would probably end up just being nice to everyone not and not mention it until I am in my death bed. At that point I would watch as much movies as possible, pausing to talk with any visitors.

Naturally I would have loved to say something like create a cure for cancer. But as shown in my nick and the previous paragrapgh I would screw it up and make a apocalypse strength virus or a mess of cheap high school classroom chemicals. I am also just that boring.
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I would be a great old wimp as usual and do nothing except wallow in self pity.
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Originally Posted by Sarah View Post
I would be a great old wimp as usual and do nothing except wallow in self pity.
i do that anyway.
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