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Originally Posted by andrey92 View Post
of course, i agree with you that peoples need to watch on work powers not on skin or sex, but i just think that it is wery strange to see in white house woman or black one, last 200 years there were only white ones. and i always think that usa will be last one country where president post will take black or woman, just because of history - last 200 years only white plantators, presidents, hating of black slaves, kluckkluckclan and others. i think that now amrica broke it white nationality saver status
but the US is also a very young nation. People do not realize that plantation owners made up a total of less than 4 % of the Southern Population ante belluem, and that Europe, not the US, reaped most of the benefits of the institution.

Originally Posted by keiraRules View Post
anyones better than McCain Miley Cyrus could do better but i think if it's obama and McCain that get the nomitions McCain will win which totally sucks for you guys
but yes i think america will be the last country to get woman and black people to run the country britian had a woman running years and years ago and i think other racial people (non white persons) might come soon anyones better than Gordon f**kin Brown at the moment. People were happy to see tony blair go now we want him back englands more different that america racial and sex wise i think not as aparted not saying it doesn't happen but its better
Yes, but the UK has a 900 year old history, and your greatest female prime minister is still alive (The Baroness Thatcher). We are 232 yrs old.

Originally Posted by andrey92 View Post
I heard that "the Detroit News" call Obama for Osama. Just a small accident?
Why do you care, you have already demonstrated glee over the deaths of 3,000 American citizens. You disgrace your countrymen; i recommend staying in Riga
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