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My Nephew Zane

was born today.

i cried from 8pm last night to 10am. i have no idea how my eyes could produce tears for 14 hours and not dry out. had a panic attack last night and earlier this morning Night night i did because my sister was getting her Ivy and her veins blew twice, and i got sick to my stomach, and then i got scared bcuz i didnt know what was going on. so i went home at 11pm ad took a sleeping pill to knock me out.

lemme tell u i looked like SHIT this morning.

I got to the hospital at 7am this morning and started crying again bcuz my sister was being totally hateful to me and it wasn't bcuz she was in labor bcuz she was on drugs that made it to where she couldnt feel crap. so i started crying again until it was time for me to leave the room.

While i was in the Doctor(god he is so adorable) came in and felt my sister and he told me and mom that he could feel the baby's head, and i got excited and want to take a picture, but when i looked all i saw was his finger in her and a full shot of my sister's area/ then his hand made a noise in her and i left the room bcuz it freaked me the hell out. after that i came back in the room, and then i left again bcuz i started to have a panic attack... and i can not remember what got me so nerved up, so my mom gave me one of her nerve pills to get me to calm down. after that we all but sis, mom, and baby daddy, and we waited int he hall.

She was in labor for 4 hours (AFTER they broke her water) and pushed for 4-6minutes.

I was so bummed out for not being able to film the birth (my mom filmed it), and so they ask the nurse who cleans and give baby's their shots if i could be in the nursery and take pictures. I was in there for able 10-20mintues (it felt like).

after that i went home and crashed in the bed until the evening.

My daddy and me (exhausted)

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