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Leno has the best late show. And u got to know disss Maaaan!!
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I like Kimmel's show because he knows that he really doesn't belong there. His guest hosts are on for the whole week, including 5 year-old Lil' Max-O, the littlest rapper...

The Karl Malone jokes never get old.
It's been awhile...
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Sorry to bump such an old thread but now, since the change is a year or so away, I figured "what the hell?"... it's not like anyone's around to see it anyway.

I'm not too pleased about the switch. I can only take Conan in small doses. His antics get really tiresome. Leno may not be everyone's cup of tea (I was upset when Letterman didn't get the gig) but he's the closest thing to Johnny Carson. Carson was God. He was so subtle, and when a joke bombed, that subtlety usually got an even bigger laugh.
Leno's not on that level, but he does a pretty good imitation.
Conan O'Brien is about as subtle as a six foot tranny in six inch platforms at a Baptist church. I want to hold him down and give him a crew cut.
Besides, isn't he getting beaten in the ratings by Craig Ferguson anyway? He's fucking hilarious.
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What the hell are you all talking about??
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I'm concerned that Conan won't be allowed to do his brand of humor in a job like Leno's....
And I get the feeling that Leno is being pushed out against his will.

In general, this switch doesn't sit right with me.
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