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The Dream School (Keira Knightley story)

This story is by maddie159 and I. Tell us what you think!

Part 1- The Surprise

“Anne, Anne.” My sister shook me. “Guess what?” She said, holding out a magazine.

“What? Is something wrong?” Anne replied, looking at her watch. It read 6am.

“Check this out: People magazine quotes, “Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and Keira Knightley have taken a break from acting to get a teaching degree at the University of New York. They completed their degrees and have now each gotten jobs at Los Angeles High teaching 9th grade!” Elizabeth stated, as her twin sister Anne shot up out of bed.

“Elizabeth, those are rumors.” Anne said, rather doubting what her sister had said.

“You never know!” Elizabeth said, so excited to start her first day as a high-schooler.

“Why would any actor, especially ones that make billions of dollars for each of their movies come to work at a high school with a teacher’s salary?” Anne said, and she couldn’t believe that her sister actually believed in this story.

“I don’t know, Anne.” Elizabeth said, sitting down on her bed. “This could be true.” She said.

“I rather doubt it. Go check our schedules.” Anne said, saying anything to get Elizabeth out of her room.

“Okay,” Elizabeth skipped off to get her block schedule.

When she returned, her sister had gotten up and was brushing her teeth.

“Anne Marie Parker: 1st period: Intermediate Writing, 2nd period: English II, 3rd period: World History and 4th period: Art I.” Elizabeth said.

“Does it have the teacher’s names?” Anne asked, curiously.

“No,” Elizabeth replied, kind of waiting for the excitement of finding out if this rumor were true. “The one time we actually care about our teachers, they don’t put it on the schedules.”

“Girls, it’s almost time to leave!” Their mom shouted up the stairs.

“Okay,” Elizabeth said.

“I suggest you get ready, Anne. We have a big day ahead of us, and we don’t want to be late.” Elizabeth said, coming out of Anne’s bathroom.

Elizabeth and Anne arrived at school a short while later, and Elizabeth hoped that these rumors were true. Anne was just ignoring her sister by now because there was no way that her teachers could be stars from Pirates of the Caribbean. It would have to have been one pretty big coincidence.

The first period bell rang, and Elizabeth dragged Anne to room 42.

“Elizabeth, your getting way over your head. There is no way.” Anne said, opening up the door.
“Look there’s a twenty dollar bill on the floor, Elizabeth.” Anne said, reaching down to get it.

“Anne—you are never going to believe this. Anne! Look!” Elizabeth barley got her words out, as she looked at her very familiar brown haired teacher.

“Wha--?” Anne stopped short, as she found her eyes starring at her new teacher.

“Good morning, girls,” said the familiar voice. “Oh, you found my twenty dollars. Thanks”

“Are you—“ Elizabeth said, not forgetting his familiar voice.

“Are you our—“Anne said, not believing her eyes.

“Teacher?” He finished their words for them.

“Here’s your monnnney...” Anne said, slurring her words handing her new teacher, Orlando Bloom his money.

“I know this is a shocker to you guys, but I am your writing teacher.” Orlando said.

The other girls had the same response when walking through the door, and were just as surprised. One girl almost even fainted.

“Girls, please stand in the middle of the room as we wait for the rest of the girls to come in.” Orlando said.

“You were so right, Elizabeth. I am so glad we got here first, he will be able to remember us more.” Anne said, sitting in the middle of the room.

The late bell rang and Orlando started talking again.

“As you may all know, I am your writing teacher, Mr. Bloom.” Orlando said.

No one was pay attention to what he had said, they were just looking at his face, heck they were looking at his whole body!

“Anne, this is my dream school. I already love it here,” Elizabeth said.

“I think that goes for everyone here, Elizabeth.” Anne said, not taking her eyes off him.

“Okay, now for your assigned seating.” Their teacher said, like he was amazed that all the girls were staring at him.

“Anne Parker?” Orlando said.

“Yes?” Anne said, slurring her words again.

“Right here, next to my desk.” He said.

Anne turned around at her twin sister, and everyone stared her right in her eyes. The one desk that faced him happened to be hers.

She just gave a devilish laugh to the group as she made her way to the front, proudly. Elizabeth had never seen so many people jealous of one lucky girl.

“It’s nice to have you in my class,” Orlando had said, when she had reached her seat.

“Thanks,” Anne smiled back at her sister.

The rest of the seats had been given out, except Elizabeth. She just stood in the middle, waiting to be called on.

“Elizabeth Parker?” He said.

“Yes?” She replied, not being able to wait any longer.

“Is Anne your twin sister?” He said.

“Yes, she is.” Elizabeth said.

“That’s great! I have twin girls in my class.” He said. “Please take the seat right behind your sister so we can get started with our class.” He said, putting down his roll book.

“Isn’t this amazing?” Anne said, while looking at her sister.

“What? That you’re blocking my view of him?” Elizabeth said.

“Oh! Come on, lighten up.” Anne said, turning around laughing.

“Sorry, I’m late,” A new girl walked in but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her famous teacher.

“It’s alright, just take a seat in the back, Miss Thompson.” Orlando called from the front of the class.

“Sure thing,” Betsy said from the back, sitting down.

“I didn’t know the rumors were true,” Betsy Thompson whispered to a class mate sitting right in front of her.

“I didn’t either!” The girl replied. “This is awesome!” She screamed a bit too loudly.

“Excuse me, but I have a class to teach here.” He said, glaring into her eyes.

The class couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.

Orlando started to laugh so loud, and we were all confused.

“Guys, I was joking.” He said. “Lighten up. I’m not that mean.” He said, holding some papers.

The class had a relieved look on their faces, and one girl stated:

“Excuse me. I don’t think you’re mean at all” A girl by the name of Haley said.

Elizabeth and Anne could tell this class was going to have a lot of teacher’s pets, and they would be one of the first ones.

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Ahhh....sorry to admit but pretty boring.
And this is KK web, so you could have talked more about her.
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helen d melon
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the title was the dream school (Keira knightley story) but u mentioned her once.. should have been called it the teenage girl drooling over orlando bloom story
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Heh heh, dream on...

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helen d melon
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lol true true.. it could be a watch on her bedside table though.. :P
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I did when I wore one, but I was probably just too lazy to take it off.
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This thread sucks
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Oi I be lazy to read.So more
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this is the next chapter and it is about Keira!

Part 2: Class Time

“Ok guys, now that we all have our assigned seats it is time to get down to work,” said Orlando, “but before we start does anyone have any questions?”

One girls hand shot up. “Yes Tiffany,” said Orlando.

“I just wanted to know what it was like filming Pirates of the Caribbean.” Said Tiffany.

“Do you guys really want to know…” said Orlando, sitting at his desk.

He got up and rubbed his chin, “Ok then, well it was…. AWESOME because I got paid to sword fight! It was also very interesting filming the movies because of all the action scenes. We all had to learn how to use swords to fight. But the best part was working with Keira and Johnny. They are the best. We had such a great time filming the movie,” said Orlando, “and now it is time to start class.”

“Already?” said Anne.

“Yes guys now come on,” said Orlando holding blank pieces of white paper.

“Today we are going to start writing a paper.”

The class moaned. “Oh come on guys it is not that bad. You can always get creative while writing papers, especially in this class. The paper is going to be on what you want to be when you grow up. Now when you get your paper you may begin.”

Anne started thinking. She had not really planned what she wanted to be when she grew up, but she had to decide now. She turned around to her sister and gave her a thumbs up. Elizabeth just groaned.

The idea finally came to her. Anne knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She wanted to be an actress.

Ten minuets passed and Orlando stood up and said, “Ok now it is time to read them to the class, who wants to go first?”

All the girls hands shot up wanting to be the first person to read their paper. “Anne why don’t you go first and then we will go by first.” said Orlando.

“With pleasure!” said Anne while turning around and smirking to the rest of the class.

Everyone’s paper said the same thing. The girls all wanted to be actresses. Elizabeth poked Anne, “I was supposed to be the only one who really wanted to be an actress!”

“Well… welcome to 9th grade.” Elizabeth said.
“Now time to give out homework!” said Orlando excitedly.

The class groaned. “But Mr. Bloom it is only the first day of school, why do we have homework already?” said Tiffany.

“Guys the only homework I am giving you is to go home and type your papers to turn them in.” said Orlando.

The bell rang. All at once every said, “Bye Mr. Bloom!” and left.

As Elizabeth and Anne were on their way out Orlando called them back in. “Do you both have English II next?”

“Yes sir.” Anne said.

“Well please tell Keira hello for me.” He said.

“Sure thing. Have a Great Day Mr. Bloom!” Said Anne.

“Wait … do you really think?” Elizabeth said to Anne as they walked out the room.

“No Elizabeth its not possible!”

“Well where have I heard that before… Oh yes. I remember when you doubted that he was our teacher, but it happened. Have an open mind. Geese!” Elizabeth said as they headed off to break.

It was time to go to class once again, and Elizabeth was so excited but Anne was still doubting it. As they walked into room 53 they saw their teacher bending down picking up some papers on the floor. “See Elizabeth, she’s just a normal teacher.” Anne said as she put down her books.

“Anne that is no normal teacher!” Elizabeth said while poking Anne.

“Hello girls!” said a very familiar voice.

Anne looked up and to her surprise saw her favorite actress Keira Knightley standing in front of her! “Are you…” said Anne.

“Yes I am. I am your new English II teacher Miss Knightley.” Keira said.

The rest of the girls had the same response as they looked at the beautiful Pirates of the Caribbean star, dressed in a cute yellow sundress and silver ballet flats.
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next chapter is about keiras class!

Part 3-

“Welcome to English II, girls. As you probably already know,” Keira said. “I am Keira Knightley.” She said, going to sit down on a chair.

“Yes, we know.” Elizabeth said to Anne.

“Please take your seats wherever you like,” Keira said, and everybody rushed to reserve a seat as close to her desk as possible.

“Come on, Anne!” Elizabeth said, rushing to the front. “I am not letting you sit by the celebrity this time.” Elizabeth said, darting.

“Oh, come on! You know I didn’t pick the seating.” Anne said jokingly.

Elizabeth rushed to the front of the class, taking the spot right in the front.

“Anne, get over here! There’s not that many seats left. And by the look of that crowd,” Elizabeth said. “Things could get ugly.” Elizabeth added, pointing to the crowd rushing in.

“Okay, tomorrow we will start working. But today I just want to get to know you.” Keira said sitting on a chair after everyone had been seated.

Her classroom was so pretty. She had tons of posters and the walls were painted. It was a much different than Orlando’s classroom, that didn’t have one single decoration.

“Uh, Miss Knightley?” Anne said, from the front of the classroom.

“Yes, Anne?” Keira said, looking at her role book.

“Um…Orlando told me to say ‘hi’.” Anne said, putting down her hand.

“Oh, thank you Anne.” Keira said.

“Your welcome,” Anne said, and Elizabeth turned around thinking that she should have beaten Anne to tell her teacher that.

“Here’s a piece of paper, and I want you girls to fill it out.” Keira said, starting to hand out papers. “It’s a way for me to get to know you better.” She said, finishing handing out the papers.

The sheet of paper had questions about you on it. We filled it out and we wanted to know more about her.

“Okay, now that that’s done, do you girls have any questions for me?” Keira asked as many hands shot up.

“Which is your favorite Pirates movie?” A girl asked.

“Um, I would have to say the third one. There was a lot more action and adventure in the third. Plus, it’s a lot funnier.” Keira responded laughing, we guessed that it was from an old memory of filming.

“What’s your favorite color?” Asked another.

“I would have to go with green; lime green.” Keira replied.

“What’s it like to teach with your two co-stars?” Anne asked, from behind Elizabeth.

“Wait, their teaching here too?” A girl shouted from behind.

“Yes. Orlando teaches writing and Johnny teaches World History.”

Elizabeth?” Anne sounded very confused.

“Yes?” Elizabeth wondered what she was up too.

“What class do we have next?” Anne wondered.

“Let me check,” Elizabeth said, and pulled out her papers.

“Tell me now!” Anne said, demanding her answer.

“Anne, you’ll never believe this!” Elizabeth said, while reading the words World History Period 3 from her schedule.

“We have World History next?” Anne demanded an answer. “Tell me we have world history next,” Anne said.

“We do!” Shouted Elizabeth.

Anne and Elizabeth both screamed very loud, during the middle of the class.

“What’s up girls?” Keira said, looking at Elizabeth’s papers. “Do you guys have World History next? Is that why you’re screaming?” Keira wondered.

“Yes!” Anne shouted. “We have all three of you guys for teachers!” She added, looking at the class. The class looked very jealous because they only had two of the three stars.

“Good luck with that class,” Keira said, turning around. “Tell Johnny that I hid the rum.” Keira said. “Don’t laugh, just do it for me, please?” Keira said.

Anne turned to face Elizabeth and said, “What are we like the celebrity messengers today?”

“Yeah, I know. Isn’t it awesome?” Elizabeth said.

Well, it was very interesting going to school with those too. It was like a 24 hour competition. Who could get the best grades, that sort of thing. It was very funny to be apart of.” Keira said, laughing. “Now, teaching with them is a new adventure.”

“What was it like filming Pirates with Johnny and Orlando?” Elizabeth raised her hand.

“Well, it was defiantly fun. I loved being in the Caribbean and filming action scenes and being around the co-stars. I would do it again in a heartbeat.” Keira said, sitting at her desk.

The bell rang right after she had finished talking.

“Bye, girls, see ya tomorrow! And be ready to come straight to work,” She said, and Anne and Elizabeth walked out the door.
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I think it can be good but it is very long.I was dozing while ı was reading. But still,we must show respect your labor.Because you spend a lot of time for this.
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Thanks to the harsh, rude comments we've received on this story we will not be posting anymore updates. Now you can go run off and party..
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Originally Posted by elizabethswann View Post
Thanks to the harsh, rude comments we've received on this story we will not be posting anymore updates. Now you can go run off and party..
Oh please post some more, it was great stuff to put me to sleep and relieve my bowels. The harsh rude comments are done out of love.
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hreh. you successfully scared off the newbie! I just got a "bye, I'm off" PM.

One thing i never understand is, if you can't handle criticism, don't post something and ask for opinions. Not everyone is going to love it, and you can't expect people to not comment if they don't... right of free speech and all.
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