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Mo'' problems...

That's a helluva lot of red ink in just over four years.

How do you spend $119,000,000 in four years? He claims it was 'stolen' from him, but the article seems to suggest only minor inconsistancies in his bank account. In light of the fact that he's being sued by a casino over debts he's incurred, I'll put my money on gambling.
I'm not a gambler, so it's hard to get my mind around gambling away this kind of money. I can see getting involved in a business venture that goes south, but to sit in a casino and lose around $800,000 a day (I think I'm safe in my assumption he spent nearly every day there) is beyond comprehension.
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Man,how can you loose so much money in a day ? there are a few solutions:
he is the worst player ever( but then did he go over and over again )
he is stupid and wants to be a 'rich' guy
he might have bought the casino and tells lies to the press

I don't belive things like he has been robbed by thiefs, because the bank would have noticed it

( this guy s*ck )
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