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Johnny's Video Game.

ok, so while this is only loosly connected to keira, I thought i'd post anyway.

Though it was mentioned as an off-hand remark at this year's E3 when we met with the fine folks at Bethesda Softworks, it's apparently a big enough deal that Johnny Depp voicing himself in the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow video game based on -- yes, this is a stretch there -- the up coming Pirates movie that it required an ultra-small press release and quote.

"We are thrilled to have Johnny Depp working on this project," giggled Todd Vaughn, executive producer of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow. "We couldn't imagine a better way to capture the spirit of the character than to have Depp lend his voice to Captain Jack Sparrow. It truly adds to an already rich gameplay experience."

To be perfectly frank, though, a sound-alike just wouldn't do. As much fun as we had with the Pirates parts of Kingdom Hearts II, we shouldn't shake the feeling that only the good Mr. Depp could do his whole Keith Richards stumblebum routine justice. The fact that the actor is finally crossing over into video games (this is his second game, including the abysmal Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) means good things for getting talent from the movies, to reprise their roles in games (hey, if the game is going to suck, at least it can sound like the movie).

And the game itself doesn't sound half bad either. Developed by the fine folks over at 7 Studios (and we're praying this is their first really good game), the game actually serves as something of a bridge between the first and second movies, with Jack recounting the tail end of the first movie with his knack for... artistic flair. The swordfight-based game also includes Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann as playable characters, though the lack of an announcement of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley in the same press release would lead us to believe all the money was spent on roping in Mr. Depp.

The game is due out next week, and we'll make sure we have a tasty review to deliver around that time. Check back then!
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It must be beautiful.
Objects in mirorr are closer than they appear.
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Originally Posted by mehrdad368
It must be beautiful.
Must it? Why? Please elaborate. I'm so intrigued by your insight.
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I have ordered the game...should come in about 2 days.

Does anyone know if it has parts from the third film coming out at all?

(Please don't tell me what parts from the third film if there is any, thanks).
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