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[Mrs.Gardiner] Lizzie, is it a true likeness?

Some people have argued about who looks alike to Keira. A few of my friend said Rachel Weisz looks like her, but I only think they look alike from the side, besides, Rachel Weisz had a wider face. Here, I'll give you a link: http://keira.fanfilled.com/keira/look/01.html
Also, check out the best and the worst look: http://keira.fanfilled.com/fan/looke.html
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Wow, someone took some time trying to match faces
up with all of Keira's different looks.

The coding on that best of/worst of site is a mess.
At least the tabulation of the poles. One wont work
at all and I suspect the others are not counting correctly.
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I think the only resemblences that have ever been worth a second glance are with Natalie Portman and Winona Ryder - the rest are simply looking for coincidences. Seriously, it's not like Keira and Ashlee Simpson were the only women to ever have choppy dark hair, and name me a female celebrity that hasn't had the photoshoot where they lie with fanned out hair on autumn leaves. They are just being desperate. However, I agree that the Natalie and Winona argument has some justification.
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