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Originally Posted by Hazzle
He's kinda got you by the gonads there. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Cheese and romance are two very different things. And like Ryan said, clingy and appreciative are different too. Wanting to spend time apart, with friends or even alone, is a positive thing, and both people should be encouraged to do it. Anything less is clingy. However being romantic (be it small gestures like little notes or big ones like horse carriage rides) is a good thing.

It shows that you appreciate the other person. As long as it's not overdone. It only becomes cheese when you lack originality and spontaneity, or do it ALL the time. Like romance would be doing something nice for Valentine's Day, like a nice meal. Cheese would be buying a tacky card, roses, singing heart cushions, chocolates, teddy get the idea.

Ryan, would you disagree that women like a guy to be a LITTLE bit of a bastard? I don't understand why, but there's definitely something to the idea that if a guy's TOO nice and TOO sweet it can just get sickening, much as if a girl's too nice and lacks ANY strength of character, I find them puketastic. Plus it always makes me suspicious.

Cale - I don't hate you man. Just be a bit stronger about standing your ground. No woman is changing me. Back off bitch.
in my experience, women like the guy to be a little out of their control (occasionally), yet still know they can control him when necessary...
unfortunately, it is, in most cases, one extreme or the other where the guy is either a total pussy (the girl walks all over him) or a total dick (who doesn't give a shit).

girls are idiots and naturally LOVE dating the total dicks, get heart broken because they're too dumb to realize their boyfriend is an ass, and then bitch about wanting the "good guy", yet never realize it when one is right in front of them.
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