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Old 12-07-2004, 02:37 AM   Senior Registered Member #21
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Originally Posted by BreNarg
Yes the matrix reloaded scene was quite strange, and u got a nice look at a mans behind, which is not my cup of tea.
Don't forget Carrie-Ann Moss' back, complete with all the outlets to where she was plugged into the Matrix. That scene alone made me unable to sleep for a week
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Old 12-07-2004, 03:25 AM   Senior Registered Member #22
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I found both Matrix Sequels disturbing, mainly by the fact that they sucked so bad when the original was so good.
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Old 12-07-2004, 04:54 PM   #23
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I don't think most of you are getting my point.

I have nothing to loose or gain by her not showing herself like that. All I want is the best for her. Can her agents, directors, hollywood say the same thing? I really hope so! We live in a world where money is above everything, any way to make a buck. I would hate to see her get burned in the future because I think she's a real cool person just by the limited stuff I've seen and read about her.

Now I really do believe that these type of scences, little to all out; is a bad choice for any actor or actress. I see them getting some positive attention in the present but something very different in the future.

Why do I say this? Well I do believe in One Creator of all. Now to displease HIM and break HIS moral code I only see darkness ahead. It would be selfish of me to only care about myself and not remind people when they forget, as I know people will remind me when I slip.

Like I said I want what is best for her, I gain nothing from her doing it or not doing it. You're right it's not my body it's hers and her choice but would I let any person walk onto a shinking ship without warning them?

We should always want good for each other and should always be helpful towards others. I would hate to think we live in a world where it's Me, Myself and I.

Now in my opinion this is what I believe, this is only because of the faith and beliefs I have in "GOD" where others will have something totally different. I understand and respect that, I just gotta do what I gotta do.

But besides from that whole "faith" thing, I don't see these things being respectful towards women. I am not convinced of the need and display of such material, whether it be very little or just implied. This in itself is another discussion but I am confident if you all think about it from this prespective you can understand. We all have mother's, just think about it, how do you feel when it's someone you know? If it's art then why is this art hidden from young children?

As for hot girls showing their stuff and being comfortable. Well for sure they'd be comfortable, they showing off what they got that they know most don't got. Is that fair?

Being modest is the hottest.

I hope I didn't offend anyone that was never my intention. I wasn't trying to diss her or anyone else, like I said I only want good for her and everyone else.

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Old 12-07-2004, 10:53 PM   Attended an OMGWTFKKWBBQ! KKWiki Contributer Senior Registered Member #24
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I actually think you're talking far the scenes have worked well with the plots (not seen KA yet, but from what I hear it fits).

As for shielding kids from it...the thing is, we shield kids from sex all the time...does that make sex a bad thing? Thank you...I think I made my point.

As for are you on? The way I see it, the reason I'd be uncomfortable with seeing my mother or sister in that sort of role is because I don't particularly want to see those two women naked...but if it was a friend...sure...I'd be supportive...because it's for their art. I wouldn't think a BAD thing even if it was a relative, only uncomfortable for me because it's your female relative nude...not exactly comfortable, is it? I'd still support it, if for example I was Keira's brother, and she did these sorts of roles...even her own brother says he's uncomfortable but supportive.

If her father, mother and brother are supportive, who the fuck are you to tell her what to do? Sorry, I'm all for religious freedoms, and I won't persecute you because you have faith...but I get really pissed off when do-gooders like yourself shove YOUR faith down OUR throats.

One Creator? Why is it a "HE"? Who's to say "HE" exists...can you prove it? And where is HIS moral code? Oh...written in the scriptures written by men of the time, who would have their OWN ethics and morals...if I'd written these so-called "moral" codes I'd have not said homosexuality was wrong...yet the men at the time believe nudity in films is wrong, I think you're talking out of your arse...who's right?

What is good for her is what makes her happy...yes...what makes her happy in THIS life...I don't buy the afterlife shit...let her make her own choices, if she and her family are happy with it...keep your opinions to yourself.

You want whats the best for her? And her family doesn't?

I'm sorry if you say you didn't "mean" to offend anyone...but your post was so blatently contraversial and arrogant, so what did you expect? Keep your faith to yourself...if it makes you happy...great...but we don't need to hear it...if we want faith, we can find it, and if that makes us happy...fantastic...thankyou and goodnight.
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Old 12-07-2004, 11:30 PM   Senior Registered Member #25
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I agree with hassle and jay on their points. For Jay, I would hate to see Keira go the way of the "Play-mate," since I think she is a great role model for girls. And I think I would be hurt seeing my favorite actress do a thing like that just because. It may be cool now, but probably not later. And agreeing with hassle, Keira has all the authority in the world to do whatever she wants to, to whatever degree. It's not like 1000's of fanboys/girls will change her opinion on doing this or that. She just does what she feels right to her, not what other people want, which "I" find to be the "correct" answer.
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Old 13-07-2004, 01:04 AM   Senior Registered Member #26
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I think you are reading a bit too much into this, theres like 3 scenes, she shows hardley anything, get over it jay.
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