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Louie The Pimp

Alright, so I need some advice here..........

I have liked this girl Danielle for around a month I'd say. I see her like once a day but I talk to her online or on the phone for like 3 or 4 hours a day, and we usually go to our school's football games or to the movies or something. I am not sure if she likes me, which is why I haven't asked her out yet. She gives me mixed signals, one day she'll be all over me then the next she ignores me. Okay, so that was Danielle..........

This other girl, named Brittany, is also putting me in a tough situation. I was always telling Brittany about Danielle and all my stuff with her, and she would always be giving me advice and everything. Yesterday though, Brittany told me about a guy she liked, and all the stuff sounded like me, so I asked her if she was talking about me and she said yes. Brittany is also really cool, but the only problem is........I have never met her! She doesn't go to my school, but she lives like 15 minutes away from me., but I have seen a picture of her and she looks pretty good. Now that I have found out that she likes me though, I am going to start hanging out with her like at the movies or at her house or whatever. My plan is to meet the girl Brittany a few times, see if I like her, then maybe ask her out.

The thing is, if Danielle does like me, I think I would be hurting our friendship and be hurting her if I went out with Brittany. The reason I am leaning more towards Brittany is because I KNOW she likes me, I don't have to guess about it. If I knew Danielle liked me, I would ask her out the very next day. I have asked Danielle a few times who she likes, but she won't tell me. What should I do?
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