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Wink To Keira with love

So here I am again boys and girls perusing these forums half drunk with a glass of some premium blend crown royale (canadian whiskey) when this thought occured to me, why do I love Keira? That question of asking why, is the very basis for that thing which we call reason. Questioning why to everything and everyone is the whole point of being human. For that very question alone is enough to distinguish our minds from say the mind of a pig, or a cow for that matter. There are no other organisms on this planet that asks themselves, why is it we do the things we do?

So you can see I'm a bit disappointed here. No one on these forums has yet to describe the source of their love for Keira, they have only described the qualities of love. Do you follow me? Let me explain further.

You see, qualities of love are those things we use to describe what love is and what it does to us. For instance: "Keira's soo hot!" This statement is a quality of love. It seeks to explain not why one love's Keira, but an external reason why one love's Keira. Do you see the distinction? Or perhaps this alcohol is starting to work it's way into my brain and I'm thinking a bit slower than normal. Let me try and describe this in more detail with some examples of qualities of love.

1. Keira is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Yeah, yeah. We've all heard this one. But come on, is she really? I'm half drunk here and I can think of women more beautiful. One that crosses my mind at this moment is the wonderful Miss Elizabeth Hurley. Now there's a Brit with gorgeous blue eyes (at least I think they're blue..) with an ass better than most. Now, I certainly would not object to having wild and crazy sex with her, but I don't think I love her. We'll get to the reason why later.

2. Keira has a down-to-earth personality.

O please. If I wanted a girl with a "down-to-earth personality" I'd knock on my neighbor's door and say, "Hey baby, let's get some beers and ice cream and you can tell me all about your wonderful life whilst I get drunk and admire your lovely legs." Notice here I'm telling her to get some beers with me, and not asking her. You see, the subtle difference here is that if you tell a woman to go out and have some beers, she'll comply. But if you ask a woman to go out and have some beers, she'll sit there and think about it. But I digress, let's get back onto the subject. What about a porn star? Now I know most girls here don't have any particular affinity to porn stars, but I do say, they have a very warm, down-to-earth personality. And they know everything and everything about sex. A woman who knows these things with a gorgeous body is a priceless woman indeed and all guys can vouch for that, drunk or not. However, I wouldn't say I love them.

So why do I love Keira you might ask? Well, it's not her everlasting beauty and it's not her personality either. Because, in truth, many women posses these qualities and I certainly wouldn't say I love many women--let's be clear here, just because I don't love them means I wouldn't enjoy loving them (and I use loving here as an action verb ). To me, once one has begun to strip himself of all these qualities and get right to the source, there only remains one thing left. Scientifically speaking, one can decribe this thing as a series of chemical reactions that occurs in the brain causing neurons to react in a certain way as to send electric shock pulses throughout the body. This in turn increases heart rate substantially and causes the voice to speak in a hi-pitched tone, sorely lacking any kind of manliness, and when the shock pulses reach the knees, it causes one to fall "head over heels." That is, since most people are very sensitive to sensations just behind the knee cap, when the shock pusles hit those sensitive areas, it causes a tickle sensation. This tickle sensation allows for one to not properly be able to stand on his own two feet.

That's the scientific explaination of love. Let me sum that up by just calling it a feeling. And this feeling occurs, you guessed it, within the first 5 minutes of encounter. And if this feeling does not occur within this time frame, then I'm sorry, you're not in love, you're just in the mood for loving, you know?

So why do I love Keira? Well, I love Keira because I get this feeling everytime I look at a photograph of her. I get this feeling everytime I see her smile, and everytime I hear her voice. And this feeling, I don't get it with other girls. I don't feel it when I'm looking at half naked pictures of Elizabeth Hurly. I don't feel it when I'm watching porn stars do what they do best. I don't even feel it for the girl next door. And so what love becomes is a connection that two people share.

Now, I cannot control whom I love and I don't think anyone can. Love just happens and this feeling can't merely be shut off with a flip of a switch. So, you can think me crazy, you can think me obsessed. I don't care. The truth is, I love you Keira, I love you very much. And I hope one day you'll see it too.

And so my question becomes, why do you love Keira?
I against I,
flesh of my flesh,
and mind of my mind,
two of a kind but one won't survive,
my images reflect in the enemies eye,
and his images reflect in mine the same time,
--Mos Def
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