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History Thread

Are you interested in History? Do you like it? As for me I find it rather interesting but I don't like reading history reference books which make me bored and sleepy fast and inevitably. The history of France has always been attractive to me, that's why the one classic novelist whose works I can read with pleasure is A. Duma. I remember that some time ago I wanted to write a historical novel about France, lol. Also I like to watch historical movies.
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I love history. Elizabeth I was my hero when we learned about her in middle school, and now that I am addicted to that show The Tudors, I can't stop reading everything I can get my hands on about Henry VIII and his wives. I've read all of Alison Weir's biographies and am looking for new authors who have written about them. This Summer, while I am in England I will be going to Hampton Court and Hever Castle. Whoo hoo. I'm excited
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I love History! I especially love reading about Imperial Russia, I find the tsars and their court fascinating

Same with France, preferably 18th and 19th century. My aunt gave me for my birthday Antonia Fraser's book on Marie Antoinette (the one that Sofia Coppola used for her movie)!

I'm also really into Ancient Egypt and Greece..Rome not so much. Egypt is amazing, they had some really picturesque rulers
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God yes. I am like a sponge when it comes to history. When I was ten, I dressed up as a Revolutionary War soldier for Halloween. My mother jokes about spending a week one afternoon aboard the USS Yorktown when I was about the same age. We'd watch movies about the ship in action and then go find the dents that the F6F Hellcat fighter that crashed into the smoke stack left.
Greek mythology and history... check.
Roman mythology and history... check.
Ancient/Roman/Medieval/Imperial/Modern Britain... check.
Norse mythology and the Vikings... check.
Barbarians week on the History Channel... err... History dot com... I'm glued to the television.
World War II... it is physically impossible for me to surf past any film based on this war... or pretty much any war for that matter.
I know way too much about Jack the Ripper and pretty much every other serial killer, madman or despot down through the years.
The history of sports... the history of medicine... the history of pretty much anything can keep me fascinated for hours.
I could (and did) wander around Colonial Williamsburg and Boston for hours as a child. At seven, my parents had to drag me away from the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.
I History!
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Originally Posted by Porcelain_Doll View Post
Same with France, preferably 18th and 19th century. My aunt gave me for my birthday Antonia Fraser's book on Marie Antoinette (the one that Sofia Coppola used for her movie)!
I want a book about Marie Antoinette, too.

Originally Posted by hasselbrad View Post
Greek mythology
yes, I like it, too
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I really can't imagine anyone not interested in the history of something. I enjoy the history of Hollywood above all else, and most of my reading material for the past few years have been historical or biographies. I can't say I'm adept at any particular subject, but I try to learn a little about everything that interests me, if time permits. I also enjoy reading about crime, especially the infamous ones.

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