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Old 23-07-2004, 07:10 PM   Senior Registered Member #1
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Question [B]Did this movie bomb?[/B]

I saw King Arthur on the night of the premiere, and the theater was not completely full. Within a week I also saw Spiderman 2 and I, Robot, which were completely full before the movie even started.

I saw the numbers for the week King Arthur came out in the US, and it opened #3, behind Spiderman 2 (for the 2nd week) and Anchorman. The following week, It had dropped to #6. What kind of box office push did King Arthur make in England and the rest of Europe. I really thought this movie would be a success.
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Old 23-07-2004, 07:15 PM   Senior Registered Member #2
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Question By the way...

The guy that plays the manservant of the knights also played Ioan Gruffudd's servant in Horatio Hornblower, didn't he?
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Old 23-07-2004, 07:16 PM   First Class Member Officer #3
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King Arthur isn't out in England yet, so it is impossible to say how it'll do. It is getting a lot of promotion, so it should do ok.

By the way, codes for 'bold' and such don't work on thread titles, just in the actual posts themselves.

Also, please don't double post, just click 'edit' on your message and add whatever else you want to say. For the record, yes, he was in Hornblower.
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Old 23-07-2004, 07:34 PM   Senior Registered Member #4
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Arrow sorry, still learning

As you know, I'm still new here, but thanks for the pointers. I don't understand why they didn't simultaneously release King Arthur in Europe and US. It has nearly an all European cast, as well as a European premise. It will probably do very well over there.

Hornblower was very good, but I here that they made 2 new ones in addition to the original 4. Is this true?
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Ot out yet

It isnt out in The Netherlands Either ..but i think i will be a good film..
it is a shame that some pieces of the story arent in the movie..

Created by the Dutch Boy :icon_spam
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This thread will be locked, simply because there is another thread similar to it. You may find it here:


It discusses the financial straits, under which the movie has been cast in United States cinema. Feel free to add your own meritorious comments to this thread, simply because it deals with the same stuff that this thread has already done.
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