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love them on people with tight abs (a la keira) hate them on fatties, they just look gross. Wanted one for ages, not any more.
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I've had mine for a few years now, I have so many other piercings, lip, tongue, etc. If it's healed enough it shouldn't be a problem to change it, but keep cleaning it regularily and do sea salt soaks every few days and it'll be fine.
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i think i waited three months...i dont know. i had it like a year or two ago and took it out. got bored with it
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erm sure why not? it looks pretty on people so i suppose i could have it done but not at my age im too young
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Oooh well im hoping to get mine done this summer.. im just scared tho as i love my stomach so if something went wrong i'd die lol.. how much did it hurt?

My friend changed hers after a couple of months.

Btw i agree with you jules..*shudders at it on fat people* (oops i hope none of you are fat and have it pierced)

Megan xXx
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Red face

At the time of belly button infection...we should..try a hot compress. Use a clean cloth and thoroughly soak the compress with water. Place the cloth in the microwave for about 25 seconds or until it is hot. Place the compress on your infected belly button and hold is against the infected area until the cloth cools down.try soaking the infected area in salt water and over-the-counter antibiotic creams.
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