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Old 02-10-2005, 09:16 PM   Attended an OMGWTFKKWBBQ! KKWiki Contributer Senior Registered Member #1
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Why people should come on IRC more often

* Emperor wins
* Prince is now known as God
* God wins
<Queen> heh
* Emperor is now known as Satan
* Satan wins
<Queen> god is my reserve screenname
* God wins
<DoesKrulltheWarriorKingWanttoC> dang it...you beat me to God
* Satan slaps God around a bit with a large trout
* Queen is now known as Buddah
<DoesKrulltheWarriorKingWanttoC> nooo...i wanna be Satan
<DoesKrulltheWarriorKingWanttoC> well thats gay
* Buddah sits on god and satan
* God laughs at Satan's dreams
* DoesKrulltheWarriorKingWanttoC is now known as Allah
<Buddah> and squashes them
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There should be a list of who's who..
Danish Liberal Youth.
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You didn't even post the good parts...

* Princess_Kelsey is now known as Princess_Sophia
<Haz_Hate_Work> telesales
<Princess_Sophia> lol
* Princess_Ke1sey is now known as Digital_Ice
<Princess_Sophia> does princess sophia want to come out and play?
<Haz_Hate_Work> that said, I'm fucking good at it
<Princess_Sophia> p-princess sophia
<Princess_Sophia> oooh nooo
<Digital_Ice> eeep
<Foeni> how do you think meeting at the job at 6am is haz?
<Digital_Ice> telesales
<Digital_Ice> the only job worse than tech support
<Haz_Hate_Work> ouch...that's WAY worse Foeni
<Haz_Hate_Work> lol
<Princess_Sophia> if you're gonna name my...member...you got it name it something manly like spike or butch or krull
<Foeni> yeah...
<Haz_Hate_Work> my best mate works in IT Support
<Princess_Sophia> what did you say?
<Princess_Sophia> Spike?
<Princess_Sophia> no before that
<Foeni> luckily I don't that more than twice a week
<Princess_Sophia> butch
<Princess_Sophia> no before that
<Princess_Sophia> krull?
<Princess_Sophia> mmhmm
<Princess_Sophia> krull...krull the warrior king
* Foeni is now known as King
<Haz_Hate_Work> I can't stand 6:15 starts
<Haz_Hate_Work> I hate mornings
<Princess_Sophia> does Krull the warrior king want to come out and play?
<Haz_Hate_Work> hate hate mornings. Unless I get a sale nice and early and then I love it
<Digital_Ice> erm
<Digital_Ice> foeni
<Digital_Ice> king foeni
<King> why?

The beginning of the convo was super...but I'm too lazy to scroll up and get it
~* Kelsey *~

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Old 02-10-2005, 09:49 PM   First Class Member Attended an OMGWTFKKWBBQ! KKWiki Contributer Administrator #4
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heh, great fun was had by all.

me no like cretins who dont do irc


[22:02] <Digital_Ice> damned mysterons
[22:02] * Captain_Scarlett is now known as Thunderbirds_are_go
[22:02] <Digital_Ice> lmao
[22:02] * Digital_Ice is now known as MR_T
[22:02] <MR_T> lets go retro
[22:02] * Scarlett is now known as LauraPrepon
[22:02] * Thunderbirds_are_go is now known as Murdock
[22:02] <LauraPrepon> yesssss
[22:03] <LauraPrepon> oh, thats not retro
[22:03] <MR_T> lol
[22:03] <Murdock> Murdock was SO the best one out of the A-Team
[22:03] <MR_T> come on fo
[22:03] <LauraPrepon> uh...i don't know any retro ones
[22:03] <MR_T> dont be a spoil sport
[22:03] * LauraPrepon is now known as SamanthaStevens
[22:03] <MR_T> erm
[22:03] <MR_T> ooh haz
[22:03] <Foeni> hmm....
[22:03] <SamanthaStevens> lol
[22:03] <Foeni> don't know any really
[22:03] * SamanthaStevens wiggles nose
[22:03] <Murdock> actually my mates at Uni always compared me to the lovechild of Mr T and Murdock
[22:03] <Foeni> In some years Foeni will be retro
[22:03] <Murdock> not sure if that was a compliment or insult
[22:03] * MR_T is now known as Starsky
[22:03] <Starsky> jaz
[22:04] <Murdock> oooh, nice
[22:04] <Starsky> change yours to hutch
[22:04] <Starsky> *haz
[22:04] * Murdock is now known as Hutch
[22:04] <SamanthaStevens> omg..that reminds me
[22:04] <SamanthaStevens> owen wilson is so hot
[22:04] <Starsky> wootage
[22:04] <Starsky> owen wilson?
[22:04] * SamanthaStevens is now known as Scarlett
[22:04] <Starsky> damned remakes
[22:04] <Scarlett> yes, owen wilson
[22:04] <Scarlett> is a sexy beast
[22:04] <Starsky> they need to stop doing that
[22:04] <Hutch> the remake was shit
[22:04] <Scarlett> yes i know
[22:04] <Starsky> i half expect to see an a-team movie
[22:04] <Scarlett> but until they do
[22:04] <Scarlett> owen is super hot
[22:04] * Foeni is now known as Fat_Bastard
[22:04] <Hutch> absolutely S-H-I-T-E
[22:04] <Starsky> theve done starsky and hutch
[22:04] <Scarlett> lol
[22:04] <Starsky> dukes of hazzard
[22:05] <Starsky> herby
[22:05] <Starsky> everything
[22:05] <Starsky> italian job
[22:05] <Scarlett> Bewitched
[22:05] <Starsky> not even it italy
[22:05] <Scarlett> I Dream of Jeannie is in the works
[22:05] <Starsky> lol
[22:05] <Hutch> no no Foenie
[22:05] <Hutch> -e
[22:05] <Hutch> but Huggy Bear
[22:05] <Hutch> be
[22:05] <Starsky> heh
[22:05] * Fat_Bastard is now known as Huggy_Bear
[22:05] <Starsky> lol
[22:05] <Huggy_Bear> okokokokokokok
[22:05] <Hutch> awes!
[22:06] <Scarlett> i'm getting bored of this
[22:06] <Starsky> what can kelsey be
[22:06] <Scarlett> duh, I'm scarlett
[22:06] <Starsky> i ment starsky and hutch wise
[22:06] <Huggy_Bear> yeah, duh
[22:06] * Scarlett is now known as Princess_Scarlett
[22:06] <Starsky> but anyway
[22:06] <Huggy_Bear> The bad guy?
[22:06] <Starsky> lol
[22:06] <Princess_Scarlett> fuck you
[22:07] <Huggy_Bear>
[22:07] <Princess_Scarlett> I'm Amy Smarts character
[22:07] <Starsky> holly?
[22:07] <Princess_Scarlett> oh yeah
[22:07] * Princess_Scarlett is now known as Holly
[22:07] <Holly> whats her last name again?
[22:07] <Hutch> she doesn't have one, does she?
[22:07] <Holly> something all scientific
[22:07] <Holly> I have to look her up
[22:08] <Holly> holly...the holly i got my title after
[22:08] <Holly> digi...what is it?
[22:08] <Hutch> haha. How appropriate
[22:08] <Starsky> erm
[22:08] <Starsky> in the film
[22:08] <Starsky> holly is holly
[22:08] <Hutch> yeah
[22:08] <Starsky> the holly you are is holly valance....appaerntly
[22:09] <Holly> n/m
[22:09] <Starsky>
[22:09] <Starsky> eh?
[22:09] <Holly> Starsky...which one are you?
[22:09] <Starsky> eh?
[22:09] <Holly> n/m
[22:09] <Holly> okay
[22:09] <Starsky> i dont get the question
[22:09] <Holly> i have to look up holly valance
[22:10] * Hutch is now known as Digital_Ice
[22:10] <Starsky> oh
[22:10] <Starsky> *oi
[22:10] <Holly> just...n/m
[22:10] * Digital_Ice is now known as Hutch
[22:10] <Hutch> lol
[22:10] <Hutch> I was just trying to confuse Holly
[22:10] <Starsky> i'll just ghost kill you!!
[22:10] <Starsky> we need kahn to change her name to
[22:11] <Starsky> Ford_Torino
[22:11] <Hutch> yeah, good luck waking her up
[22:11] <Hutch> lol
[22:11] <Hutch> Ford_Torino...priceless
[22:11] <Starsky> heh
[22:11] <Starsky> mint car
[22:11] <Huggy_Bear> Who IS kahn?
[22:11] <Starsky> kahn
[22:11] <Holly> oooooohhhhh
[22:11] <Starsky> is kahn
[22:11] <Huggy_Bear> is he at kkw?
[22:11] <Starsky> its a she
[22:11] <Huggy_Bear> he/she*
[22:11] <Starsky> and yes
[22:11] <Starsky> but she dont posty
[22:11] <Hutch> Ford_Torino_with_Go-faster_stripe
[22:11] <Starsky> *post
[22:12] * Starsky is now known as Elinor
[22:12] <Elinor> now thats a nice car too
[22:12] <Holly> Everyone who was at the bbq is my new best friend
[22:12] <Elinor> 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500
Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man.
-- Friedrich Nietzsche
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I wish I could. But IRC hates me and never works on my computer.

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Uh... ok? Glad IRC's still most active while I'm asleep. Saves me effort.
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