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In the contacts part of this website it says that you can mail out a pic of Keira knightly and you can get it back autographed. But it says that you have to pay 15% of your annual salary. I was wondering if I have to give money or can I just send the pic of her, and get it signed without having to give money?
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I thought it was 20%

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So you don't think she's worth 15% of your annual salary eh?
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Well due to inflation, rising commodity prices and the moon rising in capricorn, the salary rate now stands at 20% with a compulsory 5% donation to the KKW Administrators Retirement Fund with a 2% contribution to the Moderator's Procrastination Fund.

After fees and charges you are looking at about 30% of your salary for a normal sized, hand signed photograph. Larger photos can be ordered but attract a premium surcharge.

For serious. :err:
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Send it to me I'll sign it, ops
I mean I'll get it signed for you
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