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SJWavefont Order of Service

Just a quick list of things that need to doing to get SJW up and running completely, anything else to be added later

  1. Make sure we have FTP access
  2. Register the domain(s)
  3. Resolve the DNS
Site Design
  1. Decide on which design is to be used
  2. Barrington knows the rest
  1. Find Site Managers (Aside from Admin) to generally run the show, proficient in HTML, PHP, MYSQL and whatever else Baz thinks necessary)
  2. Newswriters (Hopefully Kelsey and Haz will help out)
  3. Gallery updaters
  4. Extra Forum staff? In the future most likely
  1. Write welcome text
  2. Write Contact details (sort out @sjwavefront emails for key members?)
  3. Biography
  4. Filmography (steal from somewhere!)
Affiliates/Search Engines
  1. Submit SJW to as many search engines as possible
  2. Any other promotion ideas people?
  1. Test all links
  2. Test the guestbook, if installed
  3. Make sure fusion works
  4. make sure google etc shows the site
  5. make sure it works in IE and Firefox (maybe others)

this is by no means complete, just stuff I thought of off the top of my head
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