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It's called acting's how she'll actually get some credit for her talent...because to be honest I'm sick and tired of hearing how she just stands around looking pretty...not seen KA yet but I KNOW she doesn't just stand around looking pretty in that and she still got slammed.

This actually sounds like another kick-arse movie. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is her first relatively modern major film in a while...what with P & P obviously being a period piece, with The Jacket being set in 50's, I believe, with KA obviously being historical...and then Pirates. Course there was Love Actually, but that was made before I think since she started filming Pirates she hasn't filmed a modern piece yet. Oh well...may be wrong...Paul'll probably correct me.

And no, the 90210 reference is not to the show, but the lifestyle, if I understood Knowles' article properly.
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