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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Corby, England
Posts: 77
age:12 (13 this month)
fave actor: johnny depp
fave actress:keira knightley (no! you don't say)
book: the harry potter series
film: pirates of the caribbean, closely followed by the harry potter series, followed by bend it like beckham.
music: anything really exept mcfly! or atomic kitten
interests: footie (soccer), acting, writing, reading, watching movies.
t.v programme: my wife and kids, run of the house, one on one, two of a kind.
animal:seal and dolphin.
place: my theatre school.
sexuality: straight
biggest crushrlando bloom!!!!!!
fave computer game: all the harry potter ones, gran turismo 3 aspec, fifa football 2004, jakk and daxter (because one of the main characters is called keira)
fave footie team: liverpool fc! c'mon you reds!
fave food: indian and chinese
fave drink: wkd, smirnoff ice, sprite, 7up
lucky number: 18 (coz thats the age that in britain ur free to do what you want!)
fave colour:baby blue
fave car: aston martin, ferrari, saleen.
fave author: j.k rowling
my happiest moment:when i found out i was through to the next audition with my theatre school to get an acting agent (the next audition isn't until november!)
my saddest moment: when my granddad died, and when my dog was taken to another home.
my most embarrasing moment: when i fell off a statue of winnie the pooh ant london zoo and japanese tourists took pictures of me.
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