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Exclamation I Love Keira

True, that I only know Keira through the interviews she has given, however I am still in love with her.
Can you imagine the enormous pressure she has been under for 10 years at the very least to get fake breasts? Yet she has not given in thank God. Personally, I do not like large breasts, meaning any larger than a B cup. There is no explanation for my preference any more than why some men are attracted to obese women or why some men are attracted to other men.
Keira is very intelligent, she has a great sense of humor and likes to goof off, she has very powerful and healthy self esteem, her acting talent and skills are among the best in the world, she is diligent and a hard worker. All of those excellent traits in addition to being one of the 10 or fewer sexiest and most beautiful women in the world.
That is why I have been in love with her since I first found out who she is about five years ago, and I would marry her sight unseen
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