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Okay, this I do believe is now the worst photograph of Keira Knightley I have ever seen. Yuck! I know it's not a flattering image because it's in black and white (I shudder to think of what it might look like in color) and she wasn't posing or whatever -- but still! She looks dreadful. I think it's her eyes. If you look at just her eyes/forehead and hair, it doesn't even look like her! Terrible photo.

But thanks for the link/news, Paul!

In other news, some new photos of Keira shopping for champagne have surfaced over at Thanks to whomever they sto .. errr, got them from.

(who's THAT guy? 'Cos it sure ain't Jamie ...)

Looks like she's recycling her Aladdin Sane shirt (which is VERY cool by me!)
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