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what i belive

ok, i think she does not need to worry about this sick guy, ok, i as the other member doesīnt even bother to read the message because i can feel what he said, i think he is a sick person, surely he will end up on mental institution and keep on that road until he change his belives, he is clearly not a kind of person that can play a child theater play, he must be sick with almost every women. I think that a men start understanding the true meaning of love and life when he turn away his desires, because a real men have a clean and leaf mind, he is like a leave he falls slowly and with class, and feels confortable with childreens, like Michael Jackson, i truly belive in his ways and itīs maybe not that much but it should not be a problem as he sais, i took the childreens to the bed and prepare them milk and cookies, i think that is a real men. a Care person. and that the sick person is the parents of the childreen that started a demand just to get money because of their sick mind.
Just my opinion, what do u think???
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