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That new that said she prefere stripping than singing is odd, an old newspaper surely and bare bad writer. that article dislike me, i know she didŽnt use that exact words, that publisher is a yellowist writer, the article was centred on the sexual and stripping thing as well as the interview iŽam sure, that kind of things made the fame so cruel. if i were in your position i would close my window to those who disrispectfully interview in that way, iŽm sure there are good and cared, interesting interviewers or writers, select them, maybe to create a simple paper with psicological questions on certain aspects recreating an interview is not a bad idea so you can select your interviewers. Nice pre selection of journalist that can and cannot interview. maybe someone to face to face them to see if he/she is ashame or honest. a two step way for helping the way to a star. If the person is desesperated for the job, do not. For example, there is a simple question. NOW I WANT TO SEE THE EDGE OF LOVE NO MATTER WHAT, she looks georgeous and iŽm pretty sure she sings like an angel, i canŽt tell yet a querubin, a serafin a guard angel, i cannot tell, but that pretty little sing will touch my heart.
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