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Ok, people, Dave and Ran, you both seem nice. I Want to thanks everyone for shareing, and want to go on, try and share an oratio dedicated to Keira. I hope she is heatlthy and as i told before iīm here only because God told me to, and now I want to thanks her īcouse everything that she is doing for the poor and the child, specialy both. Ok here it goes.

In nomine pater, et fillio et spiritum santum.
Iesus, aura di hodie, caelu mandatum tuos angelos, Pater guia, pater da nobis tua pretentia in oculos qui ocuala nostra vita, Pater, Domine Dominum, Domina nosta vita. Fiat voluntas tua in nostrum plexo, tu estrella, Pater Keiraīs strella est brillianti, pater da ella. Pater da hodie suo panem, Iesus tue est il universo. Terra brillianti in tuo corpus, da keira et nosotrus, tuos fillios, la gratia di tu mater, permite Domine Nostra pretentia ad ti in tua mater. Admiitti Spiritum Santum nobies tuos. caelo est tuo, et tuo est Keira, admiiti ave ella, di Domine nomine suo, Keira est on caelo. presta domine tuo caelo a tua fillia, presta domine tuos verbos, sicut tua volunta et nosotrum debitamibus. per di sanctum vulgata et tuos sanctus actus, permitte hodie verbum in nostra vita, tu panem, tua volunta, tua mater et pater, et fillio et spiritum santum, tuto santum hodie in tua pretentia, sed libranos a malo. sicut en un pritipio, et nunc, et semper et in seucula sauculorum. Amen

I recognize a good person when i feel it. i brightned the day for her and us. i am sure. well my latine is not the best or perfect, but the general idea is ok, and the way is made. itīs strange besides that the day is cloudy here in buenos aires, maybe because i know i can be a better christian, what i show is not what i am, but surely is what i fell. what i feel is like i am? nono, what i feel and what i do makes me what i am, a middle man, but good hearted.
Keira are you ok? iīm waiting for a salute. what was i thinking about, yeah, i didīnt created the tread because i post it like a replay on other message, a christian post on a Jew post jajaja, that looks odd, well if any moderator is reading i think it would be a great idea to create a thred "wishlist" where you can leave you desires or wishes, fortune, i do not know what else, yes, very important oratio (prayers) for her. I think that would be great, what do you people feel about it?
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