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Name: Federico L. Reyes
Nacionality: Argentinan
Age: 28
Hieght: 6 ft 0.84 inches
Weight: 187.39 lb
Shape: Lazy
Hobbys: Drawing, Cooking, playing chess, Writting Poems, Studying, collecting stamps and praying the rossary.
High points: Dedicated, sensible, brillant and Romantic.
Low points: Smoker, careless, funny.
Education: University on progress.
Languages: Spanish (Native), English (Advance) and Latin (Begginer)
Favorite book: The Adventures of Gulliver - Bible.
Favorite singer: Michael Jackson - Frank Sinatra - Alejandro Sanz - Shakira.
Favorite song: Wanna be startinŽ somethinŽ - The seasons of Frank Sinatra - Charquito de estrellas - Moscas en la casa.
Favorite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean - Jesus of Nazareth (both have 4 parts)
Favorite actress: Keira Knightly
Favorite actor: Denzel Washington
Favorite model: Keira Knightly
Interests: Friends
Job experience: Taxi driver, Home teacher (maths and physics), Network Support (several times), Employee.
Status for Relationships: Just Friends.
Favorite Perfum: Jean Paul Gaultier (Classic)
Favorite meal: any that is cooked by heart (sweet preffered)
Futbol team: Athletic Club Boca Juniors
Favorite England Team: Manchester United
Favorite Spanish Team: F.C. Barcelona
Favorite Brasilian Team: Vasco da Gamma
Favorite Italian Team: Athletic Milan
Favorite French Team: PSG
comments: i am not really a futbol fan but well.
Favorite Animated Game: Monkey Island sequel
Favorite table game: Duck (is an Antique family game)
Favorite Cartoon: Snoopy
Favorite country: any, but i would love to travel to Europe.
Dream: To be a Priest.
Favorite sentence: "IŽll look on the bible" - mine
Brothers: 3 (all men)
Dogs: 2 (one female and a guy)
Wish: That everyone find the road to God.
Fears: Darkness, Surgerys.
Health: OK
Favorite Boxer: Monzon.
Boxer or slip: Slip.
the cup half empty or half full: half empty

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