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Hey people

Hey Mrs and Mss. I took the time to read and follow the post and I do not want to be disrespectfull, Private life is so. I think there is a little morbo here, some twisted minds, Lesbian scandal, tapes of sex, hahaha. I do not wish to see any of that, any topless, in fact i saw a picture on the KK web that a nipple is showed and i was not impressed, i mean, she is beautyfull because of her eyes, the other is a plus, and belive me there is a lot more, iīm sure. In fact my favorite picture is one of her as a girl, i think the best picture is the one taken on the real life, with her family, can you imagine a Holiday or a Chrismanīs photo on the web. That would be tender and touching.
I have weakness as everyone but i try my best! thatīs the same with every sigle soul that wants to do Good. I think she does not even need to marry... she does not look the gym like or obsesive with her body. Iīm sure she must be doing something good in her life to have so much (to gain me as a fan). I hate the word fan is fanatic, no, i simply like how she act, i think she is giffted and well the beauty is out of question. She can marry anyone, iīm certain of that no matter what, because itīs not even her decition, itīs gods move. I do not want to see her on any pain, but i am incapable of harming someone, even a thieves, the other day i was tried to be assault and i realize i care my life a lot, but in the only circustance i would simply die, couse is like that, if i am put on the situation where a girl is being rapped, in that case you better kill me first, i thought of her and i realize that i would do that for any woman. Anyway iīm certain that things will not happend to any of us.
I know something by heart and that is that anyone can be famous, everyone have a quarter hour. But i do not want that. I consider myself an Artist too, and i prefer to give than to sell, when you do something great is because someone inspired you.
There are no occupations for ever, you found something you like and you do it till the moment you areīnt happy, on that moment you found something that do make you happy and continue with it.
This thought about power is for selfish person, i mean, i will do theater because i can be hear, if you are not happy found something else. Belive me iīm not trying to mess arround and say she have to quite on acting couse it looks like she is great at it and that she īve got a great future. But is not up to us to choose that future, maybe someday she will try to draw, to teach, to cook, maybe a simple life... is that great or what? sure!... Itīs a great possibility, hope not now, but when she will.
For example, lets put this on the other hand and imagine yourself as Keira, imagine you do a Tour to Africa, as almost every star, you realize you can teach math, language i do not know, acting for Christ sake, and you want to help all those kids, would you not stay a while trying. My Grand father was a sailor and my Grand Aunt a doctor on board, and well they stayed helping on Africa several times. Imagine the posibilities with a star like her, iīm not talking about money iīm talking about actitude, leadrship, that kind of thing can be thoght, sooo, i think there will be a lot of people that agree with these, but the future is there, we just need time to arrive. To choose is to accept and if someone choose someone or something support him. Advice him as a friend, thatīs the best you can do, however the best advice comes from family often but not always, i do not agree with my parents on several things and we know iīm right. No need to tell, but thatīs why iīm so calm.
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