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I Agree

OK, this is not difficul to state, the true is that is no mother or father right to choose to vanagloriate themseves or his parents, itīs God decision, itīs a must to respect the name choosen, itīs on the Bible, i really belive that when a son is going to arrive you are awared by god, an angel surely. So... the name is told, or known, as you please. Remember the punishment to Abraham when he didīnt respect the name choosen to his son. Both, mother and father where punished and their names changed. Itīs not a reason to argue, God that knows well how both feels will give you the name and you both will know thatīs the right name so, be kind to each other and continue playing so when the time comes to be parents, we can face both it. Lets dream, if i where Keiraīs father i would not accept anyone as boyfriend i mean, why to give that title to a relationship?, itīs better to be friends of both, Keira and her family, and to have nothing to hide to anyone, i donīt lie if i tell she is beautyfull, but to be her husband is not my decicion, i think i would say no, because is only because of her beauty, if i marry (i will not, belive me) i would want to be with someone with no sex (strange?) i think the friendship is more important, to be good with... to feel love to... to can play with clean mind with someone, thatīs the real treasure, hope to achive that someday =) not a reason to be afraid, iīm on it.
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