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Originally Posted by Vertical Vortex
maybe you should... you go damn much offtopic dude...
please stay ontopic for once...
Err...I have read the they are...

1. One account per user. Known cheaters will be banned.

2. Do not incite flaming (abuse and arguments) or mindless chatter (spam). Threads should have a clear title and a singular topic promoting healthy discussion or comment.

3. No Netspeak. This means we do not tolerate condensed use of shorthand or abbreviated prose in the style of SMS text messages "wot r u doin m8?" or "1337 sp34k" leet speak. If you are educated enough to use the internet then your ability to write correct English must reflect this.

4. Avatars must not exceed 80x80px and 20kb. Signatures must not exceed 300x70 and may be posted no more than once per thread. NO ANIMATION is allowed in either graphics.

5. Users found in breach of Keira Knightley's privacy, including but not limited to disclosure of home address, email address, telephone number or other regular points of contact other than the designated fanmail address will, at the administrator's discretion, find themselves banned.

6. Do not post the same topic in multiple forums, find the most appropriate one before you hit the submit button.

7. If you were the last person to post on a thread yet have more to add, use the edit button to amend your post. There's few things more annoying than watching someone talk to themselves for five posts because they didn't qualify for the common sense course.

8. Everything the Mods & Admins say is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This is a dictatorship not a democracy. If you disagree with any of our decisions you are more than welcome to start your own forum elsewhere.
Notice the bits in bold? No mention of going off topic...oh...and pointing out someone is in breach of the rules, in a perfectly polite manner is not generally considered going "off topic". I might be guilty of it a fair bit...but this is NOT one of those occasions...

this discussion is over.
Really? So why'd you continue it then? Oh, have to have the last word...sorry mate...I rarely give it up...and since in this case YOU'RE in the wrong...I refuse about you just be polite about it and accept you were wrong? I could take criticism from you if you even had the dignity or humility to accept you were wrong in the first place...
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