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Originally Posted by Kelsey
Actually Sarah, I can support whoever I would like to support, and I'll respect who everyone else supports. And I'm not supporting the team really, I'm supporting the country. I'm sorry that you lost, but honestly, it's not the end of the world. Sorry that you were beat by Portugal, whom you obviously believe is somehow below you.
And would I be the type of person to even care about something like the Euro football thing, like, *really* care, I probably would go for Portugal because where I live, the Portugeuse are a huge part of our population and I've grown up around their festivals and patriotism. As for glory supporter, I was rooting for Portugal before they beat England. And no disrespect to you, but I see you as a self rightous England fan.
I never said Portugal were below us. We were beaten unfairly. Perhaps you should watch the match.

Yes, you were rooting for Portugal when they won their last match. I saw your post in this thread a while ago.

I am not a self rightous England fan. I just support my team and they deserved to win tonight. Portugal should be out now.

You clearly have no idea what REAL football means to us.Just because you've been in a pub and seen English people cheer, doesn't give you any idea.
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