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Originally Posted by Sarah
Kelsey, no disrespect to you. But I don't think it is a wise decision to rave about Portugal in this thread. There are so many devastated fans and we cannot bear the torture of the disallowed goal that was such a perfect goal.
Yeah...true...I would suggest that since this is an English website with a lot of English people on it, and English mods and two english Admins (well Ducky ain't back, but when he is...). Probably unwise to piss off a nation who're devastated at being cheated...I mean the news story was the second highest...even above those British hostages being released

Put it this Dutch mate got a torrent of abuse and blocked for rubbing the defeat in my face...and whilst yours wasn't so bad...I dare someone else to push it one step further as I'll rip their heads off myself

You cannot call yourself a fan of Portugal. I simply see you as a glory supporter. Real fans support their team trough thick and thin. Have you supported Portugal for more than a week? Oh please.
Probably a fair point, but Kelsey also makes a fair point...she has the right to back anyone she likes, especially as she's not European. I mean Portugal were actually my pick to win the tournament before it began, as they have on paper a superb team and great support, but to my mind their performances have not earnt them their success, and their fans were not as good as ours.

Now can we all settle down a little? . Sarah, I understand your distress, trust me I do, I was crying myself...but the yanks don't really get our obsession with "soccer" so have a little pity on them, eh? We can just hope to draw the USA at the next World Cup and we can beat them en route to winning it as we will And Kelsey, with all due respect, I know you're really into Portugal as a nation, but you're not REALLY a supporter, whereas a lot of us VERY strong ties to this tournament as it's OUR country in it (I mean I'm sure Americans want their sporting stars to do well, don't they?)...please just forgive us our current emotional distress and heartache, and the bitterness that goes with being cheated, which leaves a foul taste in all our mouths. Mmmm...bile.
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