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da bahstid
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So look who's trolling now...

In reality, this is just another example of Freudian projection. It always was, really. I guess I must be the first person to bother teasing you out of your masquerade as a reliable source of responsible information. Now that it's obvious you have no scientifically responsible information you're left with nothing more than insults and accusations.

You're trying and accuse me of being an Intelligent Design proponent? Really? That sort of hogwash comes almost exclusively from your end of the political spectrum there, chief. I half expected you to start promoting it after a while to be honest. This more Freudian projection on your part? Then again, making up fictitious accusations about people is something right-wing extremists are specialists at. We all know it's established internet fact that Obama's a socialist who was born in Kenya, Bush eats babies but only when they're French which is why he's a REAL American, and you are a proponent of equal rights for yourself and other child molestors (don't lie we all saw it).

But yes, at least we agree on one thing: once a liar, always a liar. No ability to verify your false claim regarding the "NOAA who have already apologized for lying about the 'Hottest Year Ever' figures", eh? Since you aren't even bothering to link a source, I guess you really DID just make that one up as you were typing along. No surprise. It's what you people do.

Now a reasonable person would realize they've been caught lying and would back off and hopefully consider not doing it again. But we both know that's not what you're going to do, is it? You're just going to come back with more lies, more misinformation, more distraction. Just continue the cycle of lying. And you should. Because as the years pass and climate change increasingly responds to global warming, people on this board, in your life, including most importantly your children and your children's children, will come to remember you for exactly what you are: a loathesome, intrinsically dishonest political shill who stood up for the lies of Big Oil at the expense of everyone's future. Help make sure they remember.

2010 tied with 2005 as hottest year on record

This despite coming off the deepest solar minimum in decades

Along the way we are seeing the most severe weather extremes since 1816

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