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Actually, I've added nothing but hard FACTS, something that's generally missing in global warming discussions I find. Facts that anyone can look up anywhere, most importantly in college textbooks. But don't let facts get in the way of your political opinions (or those of your hand-picked "authorities" who have no scientific credbility whatsoever).

As far as any fictitious apology by the NOAA, anyone with half a wit of common sense knows if such a thing were to ever happen, the NOAA would have editted their own site. Funny...seems to me the NOAA stands by their research data. this "apology" coming from another one of your internet propaganda sites (who again are not held liable for spreading blatant misinformation) or did you just make that one up on your own? You should look up the definition of a "lie" sometime, then look hard at what you're doing. Like so much political smearing by right-wing extremists, your accusations are nothing more than Freudian projection.

Back to the topic of global warming, among leading experts in climatology (herein defined as doctorates in the field who are actively publishing research) there is over 97% consensus that the current global warming trend is man-made.

So while Big Oil and political propaganda machines have been extremely effective in misinforming the public, the scientists are simply not fooled. Might have something to do with the fact that we actually look at real data coming from reliable, published sources. For frame of reference as to how one-sided that data has been, a study in 2004 found that not one paper published between 1993 to 2003 rejected the current consensus position of man-made global warming.

Course, why not just look at some of the results we've already seen, courtesy of NASA satellite photos.

1979 2003

Not surprisingly, the observations fit the theory.
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