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I see...

Something that never ceases to entertain regarding right-wing extremists is their illogical belief that stammering, stubbornness, and belligerently attempting to force their beliefs on everyone else will somehow eventually make them right. As if the laws of physics will magically rewrite themselves to accomodate whatever it is that's convenient for you to believe.

Well, here in the real world, 2010 just tied 2005 for hottest year on record, both years passing up the previous high in 1998 which "skeptics" at the time insisted would be the end of it. Since I'm presently typing on a PC instead of from my cell phone, I can now post a source:

It's worth noting that, unlike pretty much any source you are going to use, this source is credible. Because unlike any number of random propaganda websites you obviously frequent that are free to spew misinformation due to the complete absence of journalistic regulation on the internet, this is coming from the United States Department of Commerce.

Of course, none of the observations and measurements contained therein are any surprise to real scientists that understand the full theory of how greenhouse effect works. It all simply follows the predictions we have been making for decades now, just like the 1998 measurements and entire warming trend of the last few decades have. Book it: we predict more of the same.

Human activity has increased CO2 levels by roughly 30%. CO2 absorbs heat radiating from the Earth, so an increase thereof magnifies greenhouse effect resulting in net warming. Slow re-equilibration of H2O levels in the atmosphere in response to warming of ocean bodies will magnify that further over time. I kind of WANT to explain every component of this in significantly more technical detail, but seeing as your formal education on the subject appears to not even be at a middle-school level (you don't even know that other planets have atmospheres for crying out loud), I would clearly be wasting my time.

I along with over 95% of the scientific community have no need to have anything proven to us by the IPCC papers because the underlying theory is so elementary. It's simply the way it works. You clearly haven't realized this, but the IPCC has long since moved on from the inevitable general prediction and is now working on understanding localized interactions and dynamics that affect heat redistribution to generate more precise predictive models. It's the skeptics such as yourself that can't understand the IPCC papers, because you seem to think arguing details of local redistribution is relevant to disproving global warming.

But one thing is certain: there is no reason to expect things to stop going the way they are, as evidenced by more extreme examples of greenhouse effect elsewhere in the solar system that you wish had nothing to do with the discussion.

Anyway, calling scientists liars and trolls is not going to stop our predictions from coming true. Doesn't matter how many exclamation points you add. Nor will dreaming up conspiracy theories of scientists being on some secret Marxist crusade to help China take over the world. Speaking of which, does it ever occur to you how far off the deep end you look when you type such ridiculous nonsense on a public forum? My first post in this thread wasn't some veiled attempt to troll in any way, I was openly poking fun of political extremists that profess obviously ridiculous beliefs against the face of established fact. I mean, how dense do you have to be to not connect that decimating the natural habitats of assorted species has contributed to them being endangered? Really? I'm pretty sure you're the only person here who couldn't tell such an intentionally silly statement was anything other than humor, because apparently you literally are that far detached from reality.

Sorry Dave, but the simple fact of the matter is you lose. Posting additional ranting and raving just to get the last word doesn't matter when we're predicting exactly where things are going while the whole world watches it unfolding before their eyes. Time will continue to prove us right and you wrong. Naturally, your knee-jerk response will be to continue stubbornly clinging to your beliefs, trying to impose them on everyone else as if that will change things, but in the real world all you're really accomplishing is prolonging your public self-embarassment. The fact that I can see this coming from a mile away is what makes this topic fun.
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