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da bahstid
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Dave, this is pretty easy. I've got degrees in the field, and you obviously don't. Where the lies are coming from is pretty obvious to anyone that has an actual science background. Posting a bunch of internet sources as if they constitute reliable sources of information is what is laughable. Anyone with a proper background sees right through the gimmickry.

I repeat: the science of greenhouse effect has been established for decades now. You probably should read up on what has been established since long before this ever became a political debate. Like the absorption spectra of organic compounds and the chemical properties that give rise to them. Or the heat radiation spectra of objects as determined by temperature and the equations that govern them. And then the simple fact that atmospheric CO2 levels have risen 30% without any scientifically plausible explanation outside of the obvious, scientifically established man-made causes. All irrefutable concepts thar are immune to your senseless political blathering.

Then, if you had any science background at all, you might check on your own time the relative temperatures of assorted planets and moons throughout the solar system, and compare then to what has been established for decades in regards to greenhouse effect. In no time at all, any objective mind would quickly come to the exact conclusions I and 95+% of the scientific community has, and agree with the finding that the Earth IS warming, and that the overwhelmingly predominant affector is increasing CO2 levels due to human influence. All the distraction tools being employed by big oil is just that: distraction.
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