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da bahstid
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Wow Dave. Way to miss a point. You should reread the thread title. Not only did you not address anything I am talking about, you wandered completely off-topic. And you may want to brush up on your economics so you can think through the conceptual applicability of your thoughts to the subject matter at hand. In the discussion of global warming there is authentic information, and then there is the misinformation that is being created to confuse or distract people from what is actually going on.

The science of greenhouse effect is clearly established to the point of being irrefutable. All the generous misinformation being forwarded by the "skeptics" is fueled by political interests that have aggressively reinforced the false premise that we need to run exclusively on oil to prosper economically. People that stay loyal to those modes of thinking in the interests of following their political allegiances should rethink if they're really doing what's in their best interests in the long-term. This is why I'm bringing this up - I'm spelling out where the fiction in this issue is really coming from and why. Diversification of energy sources into renewable, green options is not only more environmentally responsible. It opens up the opportunity for greater competition as well as increasing supply, an increasing issue as we divide available resources with India and China. Your statements have no applicability whatsoever. And how you are unable to piece that together if you've really taken any economics at all is remarkable.
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