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I suppose that's a somewhat moderated response compared to most of what I usually see. Although...

Whether or not the planet is warming absolutely should be an issue. At this point, the best rough estimates are that the planet has warmed about 1F. Not a whole boatload, yet it's remarkable how large an impact that has made. Self-labeled "skeptics" argue that some or all of that warming is something other than the only major environmental change that's been consistent over the course of the warming trend. One day it's the sun, until they realize the sun was actually on a mild dimming cycle through most of the last four decades. Then it must be termites or cosmic rays or a myriad of other imaginative rationalizations. Now the focus is on the oceans, and yes there is expectation that this should have influence. Problem the "skeptics" don't seem to grasp is that this can and probably will swing in either direction. There will always be "noise" affecting how accurate measurements are, and there are reasons to think some of that noise has actually resulted in less warming due to cooling factors, not just noise that is convenient to the interests of big oil.

But here's where the real concern is: roughly half of the current elevation of CO2 in the atmosphere is attributable specifically to America. America only constitutes about 5% of the world's population. So what happens when the other 95% is burning as much as we are? A 0.5 to 1.5F shift hasn't proven to be too catastrophic to everyone yet. A 5 to 15F shift however...

Now hopefully we can't get to that point, but I see no reason to test that speculation out. I don't get why Republicans in general are so deadset on protecting the interests of big oil at the expense of literally everything else, including the economy. And this is exactly the stupidity of Republican desperation to protect big oil by claiming global warming is myth. Increasing demand for oil worldwide driving energy prices up is one of the two most Important factors limiting america's current economic growth. Until alternative energies come to marketable fruition to provide competition to drive prices down, there literally isn't enough energy to power continued economic prosperity. But the resentment that this energy might actually "save the planet" and prove the liberals right is too much for Republicans to bear.

Personally, my bet is on solar, biofuel being a substantial subset therein. Hydrogen isn't looking as feasible from a safety standpoint, and battery technology as it applies to electrics and hybrids is far from a finished technology ie- "dirty" byproducts of current battery manufacturing isn't necessarily a requirement of future electrical storage technology.
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